Design Trends


Phifer’s Design Team offers the freshest colors that help inspire our fall collection of samples and fabrics. Please contact us for your COLOR CUE card set.


Natural Treasures

Phifer’s Natural Treasures Collection is the picture of soft luxury and humble living. Romantic, rose-tinted neutrals make their debut but whisper familiarity. Like a warm embrace, this elegantly neutral palette will leave you longing for more.

Taking cues from abstract art, Phifer’s Fusion and Braque are non-figurative patterns with a lofty sense of independence. Great in a multitude of applications, these upscale textures can be used in broad scales.

Spanish Cove

A creative coupling of delicate blues and greens embody the urban glamour of the Spanish Cove Collection. Inspired by tranquility and romance, this grouping speaks to simplicity and a slow, more relaxed pace of life.

Phifer’s Darby and Ella patterns help bring the recent trend in Eastern styling to the forefront. The 2017 interpretations feature a more casual approach with hand-rendered artisanal qualities.

Spring Forward

Let the sunshine in with Phifer’s Spring Forward Collection. Bright punches of fruit-inspired colors make this palette fun and fearless. Invigorating tropical green, the showstopper of the collection, is sure to inject energy into any outdoor space.

From runway to home, all things tropical are showing up in great numbers. Jungle-inspired flora and animal prints make for great accent pieces. Ultra-graphic colorations feel resort-ready with Phifer patterns Leo and Boca.

Midnight Voyage

The Midnight Voyage Collection evokes the feel of rich elegance, gracefully pairing sophisticated blue jewel tones with rich, gilded neutrals. Steeped in travel and culture yet refined, this collection will make you feel worlds away.

Boldly unique and wildly accepted, retro western and geometric tribal looks have merged into a more contemporary format called Boho Western. With crisp lines and blocked or etched shapes, Phifer’s Bashira and Hunter patterns offer something for everyone.

Desert Drift

Phifer’s Desert Drift collection turns up the head with a grouping inspired by heritage, diversity and culture featured in a bold, saturated palette of spicy red tones. Uniquely vibrant and fresh, these colors symbolize power and presence.

Ombre stripes are must for 2017 with shaded variations and graduating color showing up in all areas of home and fashion Phifer’s Echo and Sundance patterns illustrate this eclectic and futuristic blend of color and fluidity.

Dream Weaver

Anchored by sultry silver greens, mirroring emerging trends in pastel tones, the Dreamweaver collection radiates quiet glamour and serenity. Lovely lives here.

Garden influences continue for 2017 with more of an emphasis on historical floral and ornate garden décor. Large-scale stylized patterns such as Genevia or Aliza feel as if they’ve been plucked from an English garden.

Art Pop

Phifer’s Art Pop Collection makes a bold statement, fusing classic primaries with 21st century style for a fresh take on retro trend. This contemporary movement declares a new breed of vibrant color.

Phifer’s Fallon or Cleo patterns show a slightly softer and more organic side than before Patterns lack sharp lineal movement and appear hand drawn or stylized. Over scaled items that show contrast have the most visual pop.

Pacific Glow

Embark on a path to paradise with the Pacific Glow Collection. Inspired by hidden lagoons and Venetian blue waterways, this majestic teal-influenced palette will have you yearning for a carefree lifestyle and plotting your next adventure.

Phifer’s geometric patterns continue to be the most transitional motifs overall. New variation such as vista show a playful lattice plaid while trellis-inspired Imperial feels more sophisticated and formal. Transitional geometrics can be paired with colorful stripes or your favorite punctuation pieces.