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  • Greenguard
  • Flame Retardant
  • Microban
  • Made In USA
  • Energy Saving
  • Lead Free
  • Ten Year Warranty
  • Melanoma International Foundation
  • Halogen Free Flame Retardant
Q62  Bark/Pewter

SheerWeave Style 5000 jacquard fabrics combine rich, textured yarns with traditional patterns to create a color palette of hushed naturals and rich earth tones. Woven from vinyl coated polyester and uncoated polyester yarns, these fabrics are as durable as they are beautiful. The collection offers a range of classic options designed to suit any style of d├ęcor. Style 5000 can also be used in exterior roller shades.

Fire Classification

California Technical Bulletin 117 Sect. E. Part 1, NFPA 701 TM#1 (small scale), NFPA 101 (Class A Rating), and IBC Section 803.1.1 (Class A Rating)

Bacteria and Fungal Resistance

ASTM E 2180, ASTM G21; includes Microban antimicrobial additives

Environmental Certification

Certified to GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage

Lead Free

RoHS/Directive 2002/95/EC, US Consumer Product Safety Commission Section 101 and ANSI/WCMA A 100.1-2007 for lead content and REACH (EC 1907/2006) compliant

Standard Uses

Roll-up shades, Roman shades, folding shades, panel tracks and screens


10-year interior, 5-year exterior

Technical Data

Standard Widths74" and 98" (187.96cm and 248.9cm)
Standard Roll Length30 Linear yards (27.4m)
Composition72% Vinyl on Polyester, 28% Polyester
Mesh Weight15.3 oz/yd2
Fabric Thickness.042 in
Openness FactorApproximately 5%
UV BlockageApproximately 95%
Acoustical ValueNRC 0.15 / SAA 0.16
Acoustical PerformanceNRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and SAA (Sound Absorption Average) tested in accordance with ASTM C423-09a.
Bark/Pewter Style 5000 5% Solar Optical Properties SHGC/G Value g-tot (glass & blind)
Single Insulating
1/8CL 1/4CL 1/4HA 1/2CL 1CL 1HA
Style 2410 3% P12 Oyster176419120.300.300.
Style 2410 3% P13 Oyster/Beige11553480.350.340.300.330.320.24
Style 2410 3% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray9444770.410.400.330.380.370.27
Style 2410 3% Q20 Beige10484270.390.380.320.370.360.26
Style 7500 Opaque R13 Ice0683200.
Style 7500 Opaque R14 Coconut0683200.
Style 7500 Opaque R16 Spirit0683200.
Style 7500 Opaque R17 Dune0683200.
Style 7500 Opaque R18 Starfish0683200.
Style 7500 Opaque R21 Orient0683200.
Style 7500 Opaque R22 Midnight0683200.
Style 7500 Opaque R97 Mist0683200.
Style 2703 3% P12 Oyster226216190.330.320.300.300.300.23
Style 2703 3% P13 Oyster/Beige155827130.340.330.300.320.310.24
Style 7500 Opaque R98 Moon0683200.
Style 2703 3% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray9533890.360.350.300.340.330.25
Style 2710 10% P12 Oyster345412320.400.390.330.370.360.27
Style 2710 10% P13 Oyster/Beige295120280.410.400.340.380.370.27
Style 2710 10% P28 Oyster/Charcoal213742240.480.460.370.450.420.30
Style 2710 10% P91 Oyster/Pewter244333250.450.440.360.420.390.29
Style 2710 10% P92 Oyster/Chestnut254134260.460.450.370.440.410.30
Phifertex Plus XUP Metallica Platinum0.
Phifertex Plus XXG Metallica Smoke0.
Phifertex Plus 0HK Metallica White0.
Phifertex Plus KT1 Dupione Spice0.
Phifertex Plus KK3 Metallica Salsa0.
Phifertex Plus DJ7 Dupioni Kiwi0.
Phifertex Plus LBY Straw Mat Blue0.
Phifertex Plus BH4 Burlap0.
Phifertex Plus C03 Straw Mat Cognac0.
Phifertex Plus L37 Dupione Poolside0.
Phifertex Plus L96 Dupione Sapphire0.
Phifertex Plus White0.
Phifertex Plus X00 Grey Sand0.
Phifertex Plus 0Y3 Stucco0.
Phifertex Plus KG4 Salsa0.
Phifertex Plus KF4 Snappy0.
Phifertex Plus 406 Lemon Yellow0.
Phifertex Plus DB6 Garden Green0.
Phifertex Plus CL1 Holly Green0.
Phifertex Plus G00 Royal Blue0.
Phifertex Plus GP5 Navy Pier0.
Phifertex Plus X04 Black0.
Phifertex Stripes YAC Tempo Stone0.
Phifertex Stripes XUQ Skyline Stripe0.
Phifertex Stripes LAN Leena Indigo0.
Phifertex Stripes LBX Winsted Stripe Beach0.
Phifertex Stripes DJ6 Delray Stripe Kiwi0.
Phifertex Stripes XUM Coastline Peacock0.
Phifertex Stripes L38 Delray Stripe Poolside0.
Phifertex Stripes GY0 Aquafino0.
Phifertex Stripes L09 Windsor Stripe Spa0.
Phifertex Stripes KG3 Santiago Stripe0.
Phifertex Stripes EY1 Pulse Dahlia0.
Phifertex Stripes DJ5 Delray Stripe Conch0.
Infinity2 1% PG1 Cotton206812180.
Infinity2 1% PG2 Almond156124120.320.310.290.300.300.23
Infinity2 1% PG3 Wheat125434100.360.350.300.340.330.25
Infinity2 1% PG4 Stone135532110.350.350.300.330.320.24
Infinity2 1% QG1 Barley185230150.380.370.320.360.350.26
Infinity2 1% VG1 Nickel8375570.000.420.
Infinity2 1% VG2 Midnight1639320.620.590.440.580.530.37
Infinity2 1% VG3 Bark379050.620.580.440.580.530.37
Infinity2 1% VG4 Slate298940.610.570.430.570.520.36
Infinity2 3% PG1 Cotton207010190.
Infinity2 3% PG2 Almond176122150.320.320.300.300.300.23
Infinity2 3% PG3 Wheat12523690.370.370.310.350.340.25
Infinity2 3% PG4 Stone125236110.370.370.310.350.340.25
Infinity2 3% QG1 Barley165331140.370.370.310.350.340.25
Infinity2 3% VG1 Nickel9365580.460.440.360.440.410.30
Infinity2 3% VG2 Midnight369150.630.590.440.590.540.37
Infinity2 3% VG3 Bark379040.620.580.440.580.530.37
Infinity2 3% VG4 Slate3108750.600.570.430.570.520.36
Infinity2 5% PG1 Cotton23689220.300.300.
Infinity2 5% PG2 Almond206020180.340.330.300.310.310.23
Infinity2 5% PG3 Wheat145135120.380.370.320.360.350.26
Phifertex Stripes 687 Charisma Citrus0.
Infinity2 5% PG4 Stone155233140.370.370.320.360.340.25
Infinity2 5% QG1 Barley195130170.390.380.320.370.350.26
Infinity2 5% VG1 Nickel103456110.470.450.370.450.420.30
Infinity2 5% VG2 Midnight568980.630.600.440.590.540.37
Infinity2 5% VG3 Bark478960.620.590.440.590.530.37
Infinity2 5% VG4 Slate598670.610.580.430.580.520.36
BASIC 3% P02 White156421160.
BASIC 3% P04 White/Bone125830110.320.320.300.300.300.23
BASIC 3% P05 White/Platinum8504280.360.360.310.340.330.25
BASIC 3% V21 Charcoal149520.640.600.440.600.540.37
BASIC 3% V22 Charcoal/Gray189120.610.570.430.570.520.36
BASIC 3% V24 Charcoal/ Chestnut159410.620.580.440.580.530.37
BASIC 5% P02 White196813170.
BASIC 5% P04 White/Bone166024140.330.320.300.300.300.23
BASIC 5% P05 White/Platinum115336110.360.360.310.340.330.25
BASIC 5% V21 Charcoal649060.640.610.440.610.720.37
BASIC 5% V22 Charcoal/Gray798470.610.580.430.570.700.36
BASIC 5% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut768780.640.600.440.590.540.37
Style 1000 25% P02 White365014310.440.420.350.000.000.00
Style 1000 25% P03 Antique White374716320.450.440.360.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% P02 White206713160.290.300.
Style 2000 5% P04 White/Bone186121130.320.320.300.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% P05 White/Platinum134938110.390.380.320.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% Q05 Bone185527120.370.360.310.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% Q06 Bone/Platinum124345100.430.410.340.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% Q10 Bronze578860.630.590.440.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% V04 Platinum10355590.470.450.370.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% V21 Charcoal649060.640.610.440.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% V22 Charcoal/Gray798470.620.580.440.000.000.00
Style 2000 5% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut678760.630.590.440.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% P02 White226018160.340.340.300.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% P04 White/Bone195427140.370.370.310.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% P05 White/Platinum164737120.410.400.330.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% Q05 Bone194437150.440.420.350.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% Q06 Bone/Platinum163846140.530.440.360.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% Q10 Bronze858790.640.610.440.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% V04 Platinum10315990.510.470.370.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% V21 Charcoal9487100.650.620.440.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% V22 Charcoal/Gray11881120.630.600.440.000.000.00
Style 2100 10% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut11683120.640.610.440.000.000.00
Style 2390 + 5% P12 Oyster216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% P13 Oyster/Beige216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% Q20 Beige216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% Q21 Beige/Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% V20 Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% V21 Charcoal216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% V22 Charcoal/Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 + 5% V32 Charcoal/Alpaca216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% P12 Oyster216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% P13 Oyster/Beige216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% Q20 Beige216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% Q21 Beige/Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% V20 Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Phifertex Plus DAH Tweed Taffy0.
Style 2410 + 3% V21 Charcoal216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% V22 Charcoal/Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2410 + 3% V32 Charcoal/Alpaca216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% P12 Oyster216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% P13 Oyster/Beige216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% Q20 Beige216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% Q21 Beige/Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% V20 Pearl Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% V21 Charcoal216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% V22 Charcoal/Gray216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2500 + 1% V32 Charcoal/Alpaca216118140.380.380.340.360.350.27
Style 2390 5% P12 Oyster216118140.330.330.300.310.300.23
Style 2390 5% P13 Oyster/Beige175429120.370.360.310.340.330.25
Style 2390 5% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray144541100.420.400.340.390.370.28
Style 2390 5% Q20 Beige144739100.400.390.330.370.370.27
Style 2390 5% Q21 Beige/Pearl Gray11385190.450.440.360.430.400.29
Style 2390 5% V20 Pearl Gray10315990.500.470.370.460.440.30
Style 2390 5% V21 Charcoal449250.640.600.440.600.550.37
Style 2390 5% V22 Charcoal/Gray598660.610.580.430.570.520.36
Style 2390 5% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut668860.640.600.440.590.540.37
Style 2390 5% V32 Charcoal/Alpaca7187590.570.540.410.530.490.34
Style 2360 10% P12 Oyster275716210.370.370.310.340.330.25
Style 2360 10% P13 Oyster/Beige245125190.400.390.330.370.360.27
Style 2360 10% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray204535160.430.420.350.400.380.28
Style 2360 10% Q20 Beige194437160.440.420.350.400.380.28
Style 2360 10% Q21 Beige/Pearl Gray173944150.460.440.360.430.400.30
Style 2360 10% V20 Pearl Gray163054140.510.490.380.480.440.31
Style 2360 10% V21 Charcoal10486110.650.620.450.610.560.37
Style 2360 10% V22 Charcoal/Gray12880140.640.600.440.590.540.37
Style 2410 3% Q21 Beige/Pearl Gray7395450.440.430.350.410.390.29
Style 2410 3% V20 Pearl Gray6316350.490.460.370.450.430.30
Style 2410 3% V21 Charcoal339430.640.610.440.600.550.37
Style 2410 3% V22 Charcoal/Gray398830.610.570.430.570.520.36
Style 2410 3% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut369130.630.590.440.580.540.37
Style 2410 3% V32 Charcoal/Alpaca4207650.550.520.400.510.480.33
Style 2500 1% P12 Oyster156817130.
Style 2500 1% P13 Oyster/Beige10603090.310.310.290.300.300.23
Style 2500 1% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray7504360.370.370.310.350.340.25
Style 2500 1% Q20 Beige7504360.370.370.310.350.340.25
Style 2500 1% Q21 Beige/Pearl Gray5425350.420.400.340.390.370.28
Style 2500 1% V20 Pearl Gray3326530.470.450.370.450.420.30
Style 2500 1% V21 Charcoal149510.640.600.440.600.540.37
Style 2500 1% V22 Charcoal/Gray289030.610.580.430.580.520.36
Phifertex Stripes DAI Raleigh Stripe Willow0.
Style 2500 1% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut169310.620.590.440.590.530.37
Style 2500 1% V32 Charcoal/Alpaca1168320.570.540.410.530.490.34
Style 2360 10% V24 Charcoal/Chestnut11584120.640.610.440.600.550.37
Style 2360 10% V32 Charcoal/Alpaca121573160.590.570.420.560.500.35
Style 2703 3% P28 Oyster/Charcoal7405380.440.420.340.410.380.28
Style 2701 1% P12 Oyster216415170.310.310.290.300.300.23
Style 2701 1% P13 Oyster/Beige155728120.330.330.300.310.300.23
Style 2701 1% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray8543840.350.340.300.330.320.24
Style 2701 1% P28 Oyster/Charcoal5395660.430.410.340.400.380.28
Style 2701 1% P91 Oyster/Pewter6435160.400.390.320.390.370.26
Style 2701 1% P92 Oyster/Chestnut6415360.410.400.330.400.380.28
Style 2703 3% P91 Oyster/Pewter8444890.410.400.330.390.370.27
Style 2703 3% P92 Oyster/Chestnut7425180.420.410.340.400.370.28
Style 2705 5% P12 Oyster226216200.330.320.300.300.300.23
Style 2705 5% P13 Oyster/Beige235423210.380.370.320.360.340.26
Style 2705 5% P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray195130210.390.380.320.370.350.26
Style 2705 5% P28 Oyster/Charcoal124048140.440.430.350.420.390.29
Style 2705 5% P91 Oyster/Pewter114643120.400.390.330.380.370.27
Style 2705 5% P92 Oyster/Chestnut124345130.430.410.340.400.380.28
Style 3000 14% P01 Pearl White246214210.330.330.300.300.300.23
Style 3000 14% Q02 Custard Cream235324220.380.370.320.360.350.26
Style 3000 14% Q04 Chocolate13483150.660.630.450.610.560.38
Style 3000 14% Q17 Sand Dollar174637150.420.410.340.390.370.27
Style 3000 14% Q01 Mushroom Sand224533210.440.420.350.400.380.28
Style 3000 14% Q18 Espresso15976160.640.600.440.580.540.37
Style 3000 14% Q19 Honey Sage163153160.500.490.380.470.440.31
Style 3000 14% V01 Pale Grey194041190.460.440.360.430.400.29
Style 3000 14% V02 Ninja Grey12880140.640.600.440.590.540.37
Style 4000 5% U58 Eco/Chalk166816120.
Style 4000 5% U59 Eco/Alabaster155728130.000.340.300.000.310.24
Style 4000 5% U60 Eco/Pebblestone144937120.000.380.320.000.360.26
Style 4000 5% U61 Eco/Greystone10345690.000.450.370.000.280.21
Style 4000 5% U62 Eco/Granite114148100.000.420.350.000.250.20
Style 4000 5% U63 Eco/Pewter8276590.000.490.380.000.440.31
Style 4000 5% U64 Eco/Ash7118280.000.570.430.000.360.26
Style 4000 5% U65 Eco/Ebony658980.000.600.440.000.550.37
Style 4000 5% U66 Eco/Tobacco758880.000.610.440.000.380.27
Style 4100 10% U58 Eco/Chalk186616150.000.300.
Phifertex Stripes LDB Trixie Stripe Myrtle0.
Style 4100 10% U59 Eco/Alabaster195625160.000.360.310.000.330.25
Style 4100 10% U60 Eco/Pebblestone164836150.000.390.330.000.360.27
Style 4100 10% U61 Eco/Greystone143551140.000.460.370.000.420.30
Style 4100 10% U62 Eco/Granite154243140.000.430.350.000.250.20
Style 4100 10% U63 Eco/Pewter122662140.000.500.390.000.460.32
Style 4100 10% U64 Eco/Ash101080110.000.580.440.000.370.27
Style 4100 10% U65 Eco/Ebony10486110.000.620.450.000.560.37
Style 4100 10% U66 Eco/Tobacco10585110.000.610.440.000.390.28
Style 4400 3% U58 Eco/Chalk12701870.
Style 4400 3% U59 Eco/Alabaster10622860.000.300.
Style 4400 3% U60 Eco/Pebblestone9514060.000.370.310.000.330.24
Style 4400 3% U61 Eco/Greystone6395550.000.420.350.000.380.28
Style 4400 3% U62 Eco/Granite6484650.000.370.320.000.220.17
Style 4400 3% U63 Eco/Pewter3267120.000.490.380.000.300.22
Style 4400 3% U64 Eco/Ash3108740.000.570.430.000.520.36
Style 4400 3% U65 Eco/Ebony339430.000.610.440.000.550.37
Style 4400 3% U66 Eco/Tobacco359230.000.600.440.000.540.37
Style 4500 5% P06 Chalk127414110.
Style 4500 5% P10 Granite6474780.380.370.320.000.360.26
Style 4500 5% Q59 Ecru9563590.340.330.300.000.330.24
Style 4500 5% Q60 Golden Sand7375680.450.440.350.000.400.29
Style 4500 5% U32 Linen116326120.300.300.
Style 4500 5% V07 Pewter6306490.490.470.370.000.440.30
Style 4500 5% V10 Ebony539270.640.610.440.000.550.37
Style 4500 5% V44 Sandstone8405290.440.420.350.000.390.29
Style 4500 5% V95 Cappuccino6187690.560.530.410.000.490.34
Style 4500 5% V96 Dark Bronze7588100.640.610.440.000.550.37
Style 4600 3% P06 Chalk10741690.
Style 4600 3% P10 Granite5435270.410.400.330.000.370.27
Style 4600 3% Q59 Ecru7583580.320.320.290.000.300.23
Style 4600 3% Q60 Golden Sand6375770.440.440.350.000.400.29
Style 4600 3% U32 Linen8642880.
Style 4600 3% V07 Pewter5316470.480.460.370.000.430.30
Style 4600 3% V10 Ebony339450.640.610.440.000.530.37
Style 4600 3% V44 Sandstone5395660.440.420.350.000.390.29
Style 4600 3% V95 Cappuccino4207660.550.520.400.000.480.33
Style 4600 3% V96 Dark Bronze459170.640.600.440.000.540.37
Style 4550 5% P10 Granite7563780.330.330.300.000.310.24
Style 4550 5% P65 Linen95932100.310.310.290.000.300.23
Style 4550 5% V45 Coal8484490.380.370.320.000.350.26
Style 4550 5% V47 Chestnut94843110.380.370.320.000.350.26
Style 4650 3% P10 Granite6553980.340.330.300.000.310.24
Style 4650 3% P65 Linen7583580.320.320.290.000.300.23
Style 4650 3% V45 Coal5474870.380.370.320.000.350.26
Style 4650 3% V47 Chestnut7484580.380.370.320.000.350.26
Style 4800 1% P06 Chalk8771560.
Style 4800 1% P07 Alabaster10622840.300.300.
Phifertex Plus LDC Tweed Indigo0.
Style 4800 1% P75 Pearl4672930.
Style 4800 1% Q97 Sand1514810.350.350.300.340.330.25
Style 4800 1% Q98 Mocha0128810.580.560.420.550.500.35
Style 4800 1% Q99 Taupe1415800.410.400.330.390.370.28
Style 4800 1% V10 Ebony039700.640.600.440.590.550.37
Style 4800 1% V16 Grey4514520.360.350.300.340.330.25
Style 4800 1% V59 Fleece0247610.510.490.380.490.450.32
Style 4800 1% V60 Clay0326800.460.440.360.440.420.30
Style 4800 1% V61 Mink079300.610.580.430.570.530.37
Style 4800 1% V62 Flint089200.610.570.430.570.520.36
Style 5000 10% P60 Bamboo/Birch215920180.350.340.300.320.310.24
Style 7000 P62 White0643600.
Style 7000 P64 Sand0643600.
Style 7000 P63 Birch0643600.
Style 7000 Q57 Wheat0643600.
Style 7000 Q58 Mushroom0643600.
Phifertex Stripes NN5 Saylor Stripe Sepia0.
Style 7000 U67 Canvas0643600.
Style 7000 U69 Cocoa0643600.
Style 7000 V41 Canyon0643600.
Style 7000 V39 Graphite0643600.
Style 7000 V40 Onyx0643600.
Style 7100 P02 White0712900.
Style 7100 V21 Charcoal0712900.
Style 7100 P04 White/Bone0712900.
Style 7100 P05 White/Platinum0712900.
Style 7100 Q05 Bone0712900.
Style 7100 Q06 Bone/Platinum0712900.
Style 4901 1% P06 Chalk983870.
Style 4901 1% P25 Chalk/Black1227710.530.500.390.500.460.32
Style 4901 1% (BACK)1544510.330.330.300.320.310.24
Style 4901 1% P26 Chalk/Wheat6652960.
Style 4901 1% (BACK)6751960.
Style 4901 1% Q07 Kettal Grey3484930.370.370.310.360.350.26
Style 4901 1% (BACK)3376030.440.430.350.420.390.29
Style 4901 1% Q16 Tobacco289020.610.580.430.580.520.36
Style 4901 1% (BACK)269220.630.590.440.590.530.37
Style 4901 1% Q22 Flaxen3425530.410.400.330.390.370.27
Style 4901 1% (BACK)3574030.310.310.290.300.300.23
Style 4901 1% Q23 Whitesands7652860.
Style 4901 1% (BACK)7672660.
Style 4901 1% Q25 Birch5573840.320.320.290.300.300.23
Style 4901 1% (BACK)5643140.
Style 4901 1% Q26 Cobblestone3366140.440.440.350.430.400.29
Style 4901 1% (BACK)3554240.330.330.300.310.310.24
Style 4901 1% Q27 Soft Grey5583740.310.310.290.300.300.23
Style 4901 1% V03 Pewter/Chalk3564140.320.320.300.310.300.23
Style 4901 1% (BACK)3306740.490.460.370.460.430.30
Style 4901 1% V10 Ebony159410.630.590.440.590.540.37
Style 4901 1% V28 Slate2118730.590.570.420.570.510.36
Style 4901 1% (BACK)289030.610.580.430.580.520.36
Style 4903 3% P06 Chalk11818100.
Style 4903 3% P25 Chalk/Black3257230.510.490.380.490.450.32
Style 4903 3% (BACK)3564130.320.320.300.310.300.23
Style 4903 3% P26 Chalk/Wheat9652690.
Style 4903 3% (BACK)9731890.
Style 4903 3% Q07 Kettal Grey4474950.380.370.320.370.350.26
Style 4903 3% (BACK)4375950.440.430.350.420.400.29
Style 5000 5% Q43 Marble/Sand9484390.380.370.320.370.350.26
Style 4903 3% Q16 Tobacco388940.610.580.430.580.530.37
Style 4903 3% (BACK)369140.630.590.440.590.540.37
Style 4903 3% Q22 Flaxen6435170.410.400.330.390.370.27
Style 4903 3% (BACK)6573770.320.320.300.310.300.23
Style 4903 3% Q23 Whitesands9632880.300.300.
Style 4903 3% (BACK)9672480.
Style 4903 3% Q25 Birch7563770.330.330.300.310.310.24
Style 4903 3% (BACK)7633070.
Style 4903 3% Q26 Cobblestone4385840.440.430.350.420.390.29
Style 4903 3% (BACK)4564040.320.320.300.310.300.23
Style 4903 3% Q27 Soft Grey8573580.330.320.300.310.300.23
Style 4903 3% V03 Pewter/Chalk4534350.350.340.300.330.320.24
Style 4903 3% (BACK)4296750.490.470.370.470.440.30
Style 4903 3% V10 Ebony359250.630.600.440.600.540.37
Style 4903 3% V28 Slate3128540.590.560.420.560.510.35
Style 4903 3% (BACK)388940.610.580.430.580.530.37
Style 7400 U80 Cotton0643600.
Style 7400 U81 Parchment0643600.
Style 7400 U82 Sesame0643600.
Style 7400 U83 Pebble0643600.
Style 7400 U84 Seagrass0643600.
Phifertex Plus DAV Spring Tweed Citronelle0.
Style 7400 U85 Shale0643600.
Phifertex Stripes DAW Bailey Stripe Citronelle0.
Style 7400 U86 Spice0643600.
Style 7400 U87 Flint0643600.
Style 7450 U80 Cotton0.
Style 7450 U81 Parchment0.
Style 7450 U82 Sesame0.
Style 7450 U83 Pebble0.
Style 7450 U84 Seagrass0.
Style 7450 U85 Shale0.
Style 7450 U86 Spice0.
Style 7450 U87 Flint0.
Style 8000 3% S01 Snow38548360.000.400.
Style 8000 3% S02 Eggshell375211350.000.410.
Style 8000 3% S03 Ecru304921250.000.420.
Style 8000 3% S04 Silver304624220.000.440.
Style 8000 3% S05 Smoke23383990.000.460.
Style 8000 3% S06 Seal21334680.000.490.
Style 8000 3% S07 Kohl18265670.000.510.
Bronze Screen
SunTex 95 Dark Bronze7588110.
SunTex 95 White167014160.
SunTex 95 Mocha6227290.
Style 5000 7% Q46 Bamboo/Wheat192952160.520.500.390.490.450.32
SunTex 95 White/Grey115435120.
SunTex 95 Alpaca103951110.
SunTex 95 Sand124543120.
SunTex 90 Design Rattan142264210.
SunTex 90 Design Toast131968210.
Phifertex Plus LEA Spring Tweed Aqua Shimmer0.
SunTex 90 Design Coral163747220.
SunTex 90 Design Toffee121177200.
SunTex 90 Design Walnut131176200.
SunTex 90 Design Wheat142759210.
SunTex 90 Design Coconut184438230.
Super Solar Screening + Charcoal1078300.
Super Solar Screening + Bronze1597600.
SunScreen Charcoal24571280.
SunScreen Silver Gray241363260.
SunScreen Bronze261460270.300.300.
TuffScreen Black0.
SunTex® 95 Dark Bronze7588110.
SunTex® 95 White167014160.
SunTex® 95 Mocha6227290.
SunTex® 95 White / Grey115435120.
SunTex® 95 Alpaca103951110.
SunTex 95 Black7390100.
SunTex 95 Chestnut103852120.
EliteScreen Charcoal0.
GeoBella 704 Concordia Topaz0.
GeoBella DAF Madiera Verde0.
GeoBella DAG Emery Stripe Verde0.
GeoBella KX9 Sausalito Scarlet0.
Style 5000 7% Q47 Moire/Mocha172360150.560.530.400.520.480.33
GeoBella KY1 Dhurrie Scarlet0.
GeoBella LCV Momentum Indigo0.
Phifertex Stripes LEB Bailey Stripe Aqua Shimmer0.
GeoBella LCW Emery Stripe Indigo0.
GeoBella LCY Concordia Willow0.
GeoBella LCZ Mandalay Bay Willow0.
GeoBella LDA Melrose Willow0.
GeoBella NM8 Concordia Mink0.
GeoBella NN1 Rock Solid Driftwood0.
GeoBella NN2 Mandalay Bay Sepia0.
GeoBella DAT Boca Aqua Shimmer0.
GeoBella DAU Enlace Grass Green0.
GeoBella KZ7 Sarasota Red Mountain Stripe0.
GeoBella KZ8 Concordia Red Mountain0.
GeoBella LDR Sarasota Mercer Blue Stripe0.
GeoBella LDS Concordia Mercer Blue0.
GeoBella LDV Morocco Blue Blaze0.
GeoBella LDW Athena Blue Blaze0.
GeoBella LDX Concordia Lagoon0.
GeoBella NR6 Bahrain Shadow0.
GeoBella YGE Concordia Black0.
GeoBella DZ1 Bianca Emerald0.
GeoBella DZ3 Labyrinth Grass Green0.
GeoBella DZ2 Sausalito Grass Green0.
GeoBella DZ6 St. Croix Olive Green0.
GeoBella DZ9 Flora Grass Green0.
GeoBella KW1 Sascha Berry0.
GeoBella KW2 Fire Dance Red0.
GeoBella L60 Rock Solid Navy0.
GeoBella LBM Anastasia Peacock0.
GeoBella LBN St. Croix Peacock0.
GeoBella LBQ Bombay Navy0.
GeoBella LBR Nantucket Navy0.
GeoBella LBT Fire Dance Navy0.
GeoBella LCA St. Croix Navy0.
GeoBella LCB Bijou Navy0.
GeoBella NF3 Graham Shitake0.
GeoBella NF4 Nantucket Chestnut0.
GeoBella NF8 Fire Dance Onyx0.
GeoBella LAC Mehindi Cornflower0.
GeoBella EZ8 Caribe Hickory0.
GeoBella EZ4 Array Timber0.
GeoBella EZ2 Sanibel Beige0.
GeoBella NC6 Amazon Nougat0.
GeoBella NC8 Flora Shitake0.
GeoBella ND1 Isha Shitake0.
GeoBella XTM Houndstooth0.
GeoBella XUI Rock Solid Marzipan0.
GeoBella XUJ Rock Solid Black0.
GeoBella XUK Hobnob Fog0.
GeoBella YAH Quintessential Marzipan0.
GeoBella YAI Quintessential Sand0.
GeoBella YAL Milestone Walnut0.
Style 5000 7% Q49 Rattan/Umber182755120.530.510.390.500.460.32
GeoBella YCG Fresh Cut Tango0.
GeoBella YCH Fire Dance Clay0.
GeoBella YCJ Fire Dance Bisque0.
GeoBella 661 Rock Solid Ochre0.
GeoBella 662 White Crest Ochre0.
GeoBella 688 Canvas Wheat0.
GeoBella 689 Summer Breeze Wheat0.
GeoBella 0GQ Canvas Marzipan0.
GeoBella DR4 Rock Solid Grass0.
GeoBella EH9 Harmonic Spice0.
GeoBella DX3 Fire Dance Seaglass0.
GeoBella DT7 Rock Solid Lagoon0.
GeoBella DT9 Burton Marsh0.
GeoBella DV4 SurfTMs Up Grass0.
GeoBella DV5 Kilkenny Lagoon0.
GeoBella DX2 Lucia Seaglass0.
GeoBella KN6 Iguana Cayenne0.
GeoBella KP2 Hobnob Spice0.
Style 5000 5% Q50 Bark Tiger Oak172459160.550.520.400.510.470.33
GeoBella KQ1 Wandering Vine Lt. Cayenne0.
GeoBella KT2 Rock Solid Berry0.
GeoBella L49 Fulani Sage0.
GeoBella L58 Rock Solid Sage0.
GeoBella L59 Rock Solid Cornflower0.
GeoBella L61 Hobnob Mist0.
GeoBella L62 Jungle Beat Lagoon0.
GeoBella L64 Bally Castle Seaglass0.
GeoBella L82 Pendleton Sage0.
GeoBella L83 Whitman Sage0.
GeoBella EM5 Rock Solid Walnut0.
GeoBella EM3 Hobnob Tan0.
GeoBella EM6 Hobnob Tobacco0.
GeoBella EN1 Seven Mile Stripe Bark0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids 000 White White0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids 186 Almond0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids 406 Lemon Yellow0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids 412 Orange0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids C09 Spruce Green0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids G00 Royal Blue0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids G01 Navy0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids M96 Christmas Red0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids X00 Grey Sand0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids X04 Black0.
Phifertex Standard Mesh Solids X11 Grey0.
Phifertex Recreational Mesh G00 Royal Blue0.
Phifertex Recreational Mesh M96 Christmas Red0.
Phifertex Recreational Mesh X04 Black0.
Style 5000 5% Q51 Wicker/Mushroom152461110.550.520.400.500.470.33
Phifertex Jacquards 969 Sumba Mocha0.
Phifertex Jacquards 00U Caribbean Palm0.
Phifertex Jacquards 0AG Tropic Foliage0.
Phifertex Jacquards 0EN Shantung White0.
Phifertex Jacquards CN0 Grasscloth Natural0.
Phifertex Jacquards DW7 Burmese Sea Mist0.
Phifertex Jacquards EH2 Grasscloth Bronze0.
Phifertex Jacquards EM7 Island Palms Sadat0.
Style 5000 10% Q53 Honeycomb/Brown Sugar192655150.540.520.400.500.470.33
Phifertex Jacquards GP8 Valencia Blue0.
Phifertex Jacquards YCB Dazzle Driftwood0.
Phifertex Jacquards Z44 Wild Orchid Black0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves 00V Sisal Aluminum0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves AB8 Natural0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves AD7 Cane Wicker Desert0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves AK0 Sisal Tungsten0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves BT3 Double Dipper0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves 0FE Cane Oyster0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves 0GA Watercolor Tweed Oyster0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves DT6 Luna Silver Sage0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves DW5 Cortez Thyme0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves DW6 Reflection Seaglass0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves EC1 Waffle Wicker Coral Topaz0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves EH4 Wicker Cordoba Copper0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves EH6 Echo Valley Sadat0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves EM9 Wicker Veranda Nutmeg0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves ET2 Napa Brindle0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves EX7 Watercolor Tweed Moth0.
Style 5000 5% Q61 Bark/Ash82963110.000.480.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves EX8 Watercolor Tweed Mocha0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves KP4 Terrace Sienna0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves XFG Plata0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves XSX Wicker Cordoba Ninja0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves XUN Luna Straw0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves XZT Shelburne Taupe0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves XZY Kamali Limestone0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend BJ3 Raffia Natural0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend BJ4 Chambray Stripe0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend BR9 China Brush0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend BS8 Natural Brush Forest Abbey0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend EY3 Mingle Pecan0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend KQ4 Island Stripe Sienna0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend NB6 Hayden Hickory0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend NC3 Crystal Linen Java0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend NC4 Crystal Linen Ash0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend XHX Natural Brush Forest Pebble0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend XXS Weston Charcoal0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend XZZ Double Cross Limestone0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves DR6 Wicker Veranda Basil0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves CX2 Cane Wicker Aluminum0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves CX3 Cane Wicker Balsa0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves DB1 Turquesa0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves DB2 Verde0.
Phifertex Jacquards YEA Greek Key Lattice0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves KV6 Pritchard Ember0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NH5 Clarity Pearl0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves LBZ Clarity Blue0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NG3 Montego0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NG4 Lanigan0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NG5 Watercolor Tweed Glow0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NG6 Tiki Butter0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NG7 Tiki Glow0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NG8 Watercolor Tweed Pearly0.
Style 5000 5% Q62 Bark/Pewter113554130.000.450.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend DZ7 Laird Willow0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend KW4 Patina Red0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend NH1 Kipton Suede0.
Phifertex Contract Line XXG Metallica Smoke0.
Phifertex Contract Line XUP Metallica Platinum0.
Phifertex Contract Line BH4 Burlap0.
Phifertex Contract Line C03 Straw Mat Cognac0.
Phifertex Contract Line KK3 Metallica Salsa0.
Phifertex Contract Line L96 Dupione Sapphire0.
Phifertex Contract Line L37 Dupione Poolside0.
Phifertex Contract Line DJ7 Dupioni Kiwi0.
Phifertex Contract Line KT1 Dupione Spice0.
Phifertex Contract Line 0GA Watercolor Tweed Oyster0.
Phifertex Contract Line EX7 Watercolor Tweed Moth0.
Phifertex Contract Line NH5 Clarity Pearl0.
Phifertex Contract Line LBZ Clarity Blue0.
Phifertex Contract Line NH6 Clarity Sea Fog0.
Phifertex Contract Line 0HK Metallica White0.
Phifertex Contract Line LBY Straw Mat Blue0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend NG9 Patina Stone0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend KY2 Dornick Cedar0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves LDD Pria Tweed Indigo0.
Phifertex Jacquards LDF Pompass Grass Indigo0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend LDG Greer Indigo0.
Phifertex Jacquards NM9 Greystone0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves NN6 Pria Tweed Sterling0.
Phifertex Jacquards NN8 Dresden Stone0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves NP2 Charm Driftwood0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves DAX Sisal Aloe0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves LDY Shelby Cadet Blue0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves LDZ Terrace Poolside0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves LEC Sisal Winter Blue0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves LED Charm Blue Haven0.
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend LEE Vegas Blues0.
Phifertex Jacquard LEF Merge Blue Ombre0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NS4 Charm Stucco0.
Phifertex Wicker Weaves NS5 Rumi Latte Pearl0.
Phifertex Jacquard YGF Victoria Polished Siver0.
Standard Aluminum Screen Black0.
Standard Aluminum Screen Brite0.
Standard Aluminum Screen Charcoal0.
18 x 14 Fiberglass Mesh Charcoal0.
Standard Fiberglass Charcoal0.
Standard Fiberglass Silver Gray0.
NO-SEE-UMS Charcoal0.
NO-SEE-UMS Silver Gray0.
PetScreen Black0.
SunTex 80 Brown26470370.300.300.
PetScreen Grey0.
SunTex 80 Black26470370.300.300.
SunTex 80 Grey262351360.
SunTex 80 Stucco303832360.300.300.
SunTex 80 Beige313039390.320.310.300.280.270.23
SunTex 80 Dark Bronze26569380.300.300.
SunTex 90 Brown12583180.
SunTex 90 Black12484190.
SunTex 90 Grey132760180.
SunTex 90 Stucco174439200.
SunTex 90 Beige163648200.
SunTex 90 Dark Bronze12583180.
Solar Screening 107830.
SunScreen Exterior Shading Fabric Charcoal245710.330.330.310.000.000.00
SunScreen Exterior Shading Fabric Silver Gray2413630.320.320.300.000.000.00
SunScreen Exterior Shading Fabric Bronze2614600.340.340.310.000.000.00
Solar Insect Screening Charcoal3156400.350.340.320.510.470.34
Solar Insect Screening Silver Gray3010600.330.330.300.000.000.00
3-in-1 Screen Charcoal315640.400.390.370.000.000.00
TuffScreen ® No-See-Ums Black0.
Style 5000 5% Q63 Linen/Pearl365014330.000.420.
Style 5000 5% Q64 Linen/Taupe223939200.000.450.
Style 5000 7% Q65 Linen/Clay233245230.000.500.
Style 5000 5% Q66 Metro/Platinum293140280.000.510.
Style 5000 5% Q94 Tweed/Oatmeal113455100.480.460.370.440.420.30
Style 5000 5% Q95 Tweed/Buckeye9286390.500.490.380.480.440.31
Style 5000 7% Q96 Thatch/Wheatgrass112663110.520.500.390.490.450.32
Style 5000 3% R11 Linen/Cranberry7177680.570.540.410.540.500.34
Style 5000 3% R12 Linen/Cinnamon6207480.550.520.400.520.480.33
Style 5000 1% R85 Jute/Parchment137017100.
Style 5000 1% R86 Jute/Flax305614270.380.370.320.360.340.26
Style 5000 1% R87 Jute/Latte245026210.410.400.330.380.370.27
Style 5000 1% R88 Jute/Coffee5158050.570.550.410.550.500.35
Style 5000 3% R89 Chenille/Marshmallow166717150.
Style 5000 3% R90 Chenille/Pearl325315290.410.400.330.370.360.27
Style 5000 3% R91 Chenille/Honey264727240.430.420.350.400.380.28
Style 5000 5% R92 Chenille/Driftwood122662140.530.500.390.500.460.32
Style 5000 3% R93 Wicker/Straw144838130.400.390.330.370.360.27
Style 5000 3% R95 Bark/Sienna6167860.570.550.410.540.500.34
Style 5000 3% U10 Linen/Topaz112465100.540.510.390.500.460.33
Style 5000 3% U11 Linen/Burlap10306090.500.480.370.470.440.31
Style 5000 3% U12 Linen/Cream224631210.430.420.340.400.370.28
Style 5000 10% U16 Crepe/Toasted Coconut244036250.470.450.370.440.410.31
Style 5000 10% U24 Seaglass/Silver332740370.570.540.410.520.480.34
Style 5000 10% U28 Seaglass/Chardonnay404317410.490.470.370.440.420.30
Style 5000 10% U29 Seaglass/Crystal44497450.460.440.360.420.390.29
Style 5000 3% V88 Linen/Fig6157980.580.550.420.550.500.35
SunTex® 95 Chestnut103852120.
SunTex® 95 Black7390100.
SunTex 80 Brown225730.310.310.
SunTex 80 Black244720.330.330.
SunTex 80 Grey2624500.330.320.
SunTex 80 Stucco3139300.360.350.330.310.300.26
SunTex 80 Beige2831410.340.330.310.290.280.25
SunTex 80 Dark Bronze245710.330.330.310.280.270.24
SunTex 90 Brown115840.
SunTex 90 Black114850.
SunTex 90 Grey1126630.
SunTex 90 Stucco1746370.
SunTex 90 Beige1336510.
SunTex 90 Dark Bronze115840.
Standard Aluminum Screen Black0.
Standard Aluminum Screen Brite0.
Standard Aluminum Screen Charcoal0.
18 x 14 Fiberglass Mesh Silver Gray0.
18 x 14 Fiberglass Mesh Charcoal0.
Standard Fiberglass Charcoal0.
Standard Fiberglass Silver Gray0.
NO-SEE-UMS Charcoal0.
NO-SEE-UMS Silver Gray0.
PetScreen Black0.
PetScreen Grey0.
SunTex 80 Brown264700.300.300.
SunTex 80 Black264700.300.300.
SunTex 80 Grey2623510.
SunTex 80 Beige3130390.320.310.300.280.270.23
SunTex 80 Stucco3038320.300.300.
SunTex 80 Dark Bronze265690.300.300.
SunTex 90 Brown125830.
SunTex 90 Black124840.
SunTex 90 Grey1327600.
SunTex 90 Stucco1744390.
SunTex 90 Beige1636480.
SunTex 90 Dark Bronze125830.
Solar Insect Screening Charcoal315640.400.390.370.000.000.00
Solar Insect Screening Silver Grey3010600.380.380.350.000.000.00
TuffScreen No-See-Ums Black0.
Aluminum Screen for Tiny Insects Black0.
Aluminum Screen for Tiny Insects Black0.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U90 Bright White0465400.000.370.
SunTex 95 Carbon6118380.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U90 Bright White0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U91 Shell0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U92 Khaki0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U93 Dove Grey0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U94 Taupe0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U95 Thunder0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U96 Coffee0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U97 Coal0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7600 U99 Ivory0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U91 Shell0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U92 Khaki0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U93 Dove Grey0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U94 Taupe0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U95 Thunder0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U96 Coffee0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U97 Coal0465400.000.370.
SheerWeave Style 7650 U99 Ivory0465400.000.370.
18 x 14 Fiberglass Mesh Silver Grey0.
Phifertex PVC Wicker Weaves EH4 Bellingrath0.
GeoBella Vibe Kiwi DBV
GeoBella Vibe Red Mountain KAP
GeoBella Vibe Indigo LFL
GeoBella Vibe Aqua LFM
GeoBella Vibe Ash NV8
GeoBella Vibe Platinum YHH
GeoBella Vibe Stripe Aqua LFN
GeoBella Vibe Stripe Platinum YHI
Phifertex Plus Madras Tweed Harbor LFV
Phifertex Plus Madras Tweed Surf LFW
Phifertex Plus Metallica Lagoon LGD
Phifertex Plus Spring Tweed Copper NW6
Phifertex Plus Spring Tweed Silver YHM
Phifertex Stripes Palazzo Stripe Harbor LFX
Phifertex Stripes Owen Stripe Surf LFY
Phifertex Stripes Vineyard Stripe Copper NW7
Phifertex Stripes Vineyard Stripe Silver YHN
Phifertex Jacquards Echo Opal DBX
Phifertex Jacquards Echo Luster NW3
Phifertex Jacquards Cleo Harbor LFT
Phifertex Jacquards Fusion Aegean LFU
Phifertex Jacquards Fusion Maple NW1
Phifertex Jacquards Fusion Chestnut NW2
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Roma Onyx 0IT
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Roma Dove 0IU
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Charm Khaki DBW
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Cane Weave Paprika KAQ
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Braque Rain LFP
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Cane Weave Pacific LFQ
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Terrace Malachite LFR
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Terrace Sapphire Glow LFS
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Braque Graphite YHJ
Phifertex Wicker Weaves Charm Platinum YHK
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend Catania Latte NW4
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend Kipton Pebble NW5
Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend Raffia Stripe Sable YHL
SunTex® 95 Carbon6118380.
7500 Opaque Midnight x2 R99 068320.
7500 Opaque Orient x2 S97 063320.

*TS - Solar Transmittance, RS - Solar Reflectance, AS - Solar Absorption, TV - Visual Transmittance *SHGC = Solar Heat Gain Coefficient *1/4 CL = 1/4" Clear Glass, 1 HA = 1" Heat Absorbing Glass *Fabrics Installed Internally, Zero-Degree Profile Angle *Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) shown calculated according to Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy's definition of SHGC. SHGC represents the percentage of solar heat gain that is transmitted to the interior through the glass and shading system. If you are using glass whose performance is listed in terms of SC, you may convert to SHGC by multiplying the SC by 0.87.