Posted in  Outdoor Designed Fabrics   on  December 13, 2022

The talented design team at Phifer has been working overtime to create our 2022-2023 outdoor fabric trend collections.

We thought it would be interesting to provide some background on how these six new collections were developed so we sat down with one of Phifer’s fabric designers to get some insights.

Check out our Q&A conversation with Angela to learn more!

What are the reasons for creating trend collections and what decisions are made after they are presented to the marketplace?

Angela: Every year there is an overwhelming amount of information and research that helps us forecast trends. These factors could include what’s happening in the fashion industry or across our environment and culture. We use this information to create colors and patterns that best represent those trends. Putting the ideas and designs into collections helps separate the different trends and focus on what is important for the outdoor furniture industry. Once we present our collections to the marketplace, we select the most popular fabrics and consider them as new additions to our Phifertex stockline.

Which designs in this year’s collection make it unique from years past?

Angela: This year we focused on dependable design and incorporating classic patterns with fresh new color. Stockwell is a new GeoBella base cloth fabric that incorporates a classic but minimal look. It is a small geometric pattern that can stand on its own but also coordinate nicely with other patterns. In Phifertex we’ve developed a few new weaves for our blended fabrics which give them a sophisticated look along with a soft hand and easy cleanability. We have also changed up yarn placement in patterns like Gingham and Duet which mimic a plaid look with striking pops of color!

Is there any specific source of inspiration that is characterizing this year’s collection?

Angela: I think there are a lot of uncertainties in the world and people are starting to cling to things that they know will bring comfort and longevity. Our collections are meant to help people explore individuality while also creating a space in which they feel relaxed. This inspired us to use comfortable but stylish colors while also incorporating patterns and weaves that people will gravitate towards no matter their age, beliefs, or style preference.

Which color palette(s) and or trend(s) do you predict will be hottest this year?

Angela: Green is the new neutral! With that being said, I think the Green Escape collection will be the hottest this year! It features a monochromatic color palette that uses both warm and cool greens mixed with golden neutrals. Using these colors in your space will create a soothing environment that also feels exotic and luxurious.

What is your favorite collection this year?

Angela: My favorite collection this year is Main Squeeze! The refreshing coral and lagoon blue mixed with weathered neutrals gives off such a fun and flirty vibe! The patterns in this group are nostalgic and have a certain “pop” to them that are suitable for both modern and relaxed spaces.

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