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Header – Fabric: Phifertex Jacquards Streamline Azure; Chairs: Manufactured by Leisure Creations Furniture

If you’re in the market for new swimming pool furniture ideas, then you probably are already considering choosing the appropriate fabric and materials. You might be asking, what type of furniture should you purchase? What type of fabric can be used for specific types of furniture? How long can you expect your furniture to last? We will answer these questions and more in this blog post about outdoor poolside furniture.

What Type of Poolside Furniture Should You Buy?

There are several types of popular furniture pieces for poolside areas, and choosing which one is right for you is based on several factors. Are you using your poolside oasis as an entertainment spot, a lounge area, a quiet place to read and soak up the sun, or all of the above? Your plans for the space will largely determine what type of furniture (and fabric) you need. But also, bear in mind the fabric used can dictate the longevity of the swimming pool furniture.

Fabric: Phifertex Resort Collection

Poolside Lounge Chair

Chaise lounges are an exceptional choice for relaxing and soaking up the sun next to the pool. Since they recline and have adjustable backrests, they are ideal for sunbathing or reading by the pool. Many chaise lounges include cushions for added comfort, but can also be constructed with sling fabric as well.

Fabric: Phifertex Resort Collection

Outdoor Sofa or Sectional

As outdoor areas have become more popular places to gather, outdoor sofas and sectionals have also become an excellent choice of furniture for everyday poolside relaxation, parties and more. Built like traditional sofas and sectionals, these pieces are popular for poolside areas and provide an inviting setting for conversations. Like chaise lounges, they usually come with cushions covered with outdoor fabric for comfortable seating.

Fabric: Phifer GeoBella St. Croix Navy
Photo Courtesy of Windward Design Group

However, since they typically weather more traffic, this is where you’ll want to use a fabric that is durable.

Outdoor Dining Set

If entertaining with food and drink is something you enjoy, an outdoor dining set is most likely an essential piece for your poolside area. Complete with dining table and chairs, some sets will also include an umbrella to provide shade and protection from the elements at your barbeque. While the umbrellas are generally constructed with outdoor fabric, it’s common to find many of the chairs in these sets to be made with sling fabric.

Fabric: Phifertex Wicker Weaves Kozo Fossil
Photo Courtesy of Telescope Casual

What Type of Outdoor Swimming Pool Furniture Fabric is best?

The two main types of material used for outdoor furniture are either outdoor cushion fabrics or sling fabrics.

Fabric: Phifer GeoBella Vibe Stripe Sky

and Bahrain Shadow

Sling fabric, on the other hand, is a more durable, water-resistant material that is woven with vinyl-coated yarns. These fabrics are well-known for their quick-drying capabilities and the ability to withstand sun exposure over time. Of the two types, sling fabrics are the more reliable choice for long lasting results.

Outdoor cushion fabrics are typically woven with olefin, polyester, or acrylic. Since they are used for covering outdoor cushions and pillows, these fabrics are softer; however they can pose issues such as fading, molding and are generally not waterproof. These factors make outdoor cushion fabric a shorter-lasting product.

Fabric: Phifertex Plus Metallica Lagoon
Chaise: Manufactured by Leisure Creations Furniture

Phifertex® is the most reputable brand for sling fabrics among the outdoor furniture industry. GREENGUARD certified, and infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection, you can trust that these fabrics are not only durable but also environmentally friendly and resistant to mold and mildew growth. Plus, Phifertex® is available in many patterns, colors and constructions allowing for pool fabric customization in your furniture of choice.

Phifertex® Outdoor Fabrics

Phifertex® offers a range of design options throughout its lines, including Wicker Weaves, Resort Collection, Stripes, and Jacquards. Phifertex® Plus provides greater strength for tougher projects and comes in an array of colors. If you’re looking for strength and softness, Phifertex® PVC/Olefin Blends bring together the best of both worlds.

Fabric: Phifertex Wicker Weaves Napa Fern

But if you’re still wanting deep seating cushions for your outdoor furniture set, Phifertex® also offers a new solution with Phifertex® Cushion. With this new fabric, you don’t have to compromise comfort for durability! Phifertex® Cushion uses a small denier vinyl-coated yarn, which makes the fabric softer, more pliable and able to be sewn for cushion coverings. These fabrics can be viewed on our site, and are available now!

Fabric: Phifertex Cushion Collection Indigo
Chair: Manufactured by Leisure Creations Furniture

It’s Easy to See…

Hopefully this has helped you narrow your decision down to the furniture and fabric that will suit your poolside oasis perfectly. It’s all about what you’ll need and what you want for your space. Just remember, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for durability with the use of Phifertex® Cushion or sling fabrics.

If you’re in the market to purchase your own Phifertex® outdoor fabric, click here. Still have questions or need more information? Visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-221-5497.