West-facing windows on the front of a home were radiating heat inside that could not be reduced by the HVAC system on hot, sunny days.


Homeowner started noticing the heat issue after removing tall shrubbery that had been helping to shade the windows.


A quick, cost effective solution as summer temperatures were already topping 100 degrees and certain rooms in the home were too hot to be occupied.


Replace exterior window screens using Phifer SunTex® 90 sun control fabric to block and absorb 90% of the heat prior to it reaching the front windows, thus preventing it from entering the home.

Check out our interview with the homeowner to learn about her situation and how the SunTex 90 screens were the perfect answer to her heat problem!

How long have you owned this home?  9 Years

Has it always had standard insect screens on the front west-facing windows?  Yes

When did you first start experiencing the heat issue?  My HVAC system struggled last summer keeping the house at the desired 72 degree thermostat set point, but, during very hot, sunny days this summer, the inside temperature of the house is reaching 82 degrees when I get home from work in the afternoons.

What changed from years past that allowed more heat into your home this summer?  A couple of years ago, I updated some landscaping and removed some large bushes along the front of my house. Not realizing at the time, they were obviously providing quite a bit of valuable shade and sun protection for the five west facing windows.

Is your HVAC unit working properly?  Yes, I've had it serviced and inspected regularly and have been advised that it's performing as it should.

Do you have an attic fan?  Yes, but the motor has recently quit working so I'm planning to get it replaced now.

What changes in your home were you forced to make due to the heat issue?  I've installed black out curtains on the front windows in rooms that are impacted. I've also been forced to move my daughter into the guest room because it's on the back of the house and gets cooler much earlier in the night.

What other solutions did you try prior to replacing your standard insect screens with SunTex?  I tried placing box fans around the hot areas of the house and had extra Freon added to the HVAC unit but it was still 82 degrees in the house in the afternoons on hot, sunny days.

How did you reach the decision to put SunTex screens on your west-facing windows?  My dad was familiar with Phifer SunTex products and suggested that I do some research on how the material may be able to help reduce heat on those five windows. At first, I considered doing a DIY window screen replacement job and simply putting the SunTex 90 material into my existing frames. However, I realized that my frames weren’t heavy duty enough for the thicker solar screen 90 fabric so I ended up taking measurements, ordering the five finished screens online and had them shipped direct to my house. My dad helped me install them and they all fit perfect! I also stored my existing window screens in case I want to swap them out this Fall/Winter when heat gain into those windows might be desired!

SunTex 90 colors (LtoR: Dark Bronze, Beige, Brown, Stucco, Black and Grey)

Tell us some of the changes you’ve experienced since the installation of your SunTex screens.  I know this will be hard to believe but there was an immediate difference in the impacted rooms’ temperature as soon as the screens were put up. I guess when a product can block up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays before they hit the window, it just makes sense that radiated heat will be absorbed and not make it into the house!

Is there anything else you want to share about your new screens?  Well, I must say they are certainly darker than regular screens and, unlike areas in the Southwest, they are not as popular here in the Southeastern states. But, I can still see out just fine through the dark bronze color and love the added daytime privacy benefit that the solar fabric shades give me. My neighbors are already asking me about the screens and how they work!

Would you recommend SunTex screens to others who are experiencing similar heat issues in their home or business?  Well, I think I just did! Ha! For a few hundred bucks that will pay for itself in utility costs saved within the first year, it’s pretty much a no brainer solution for anyone with a similar situation.

SunTex 90 Dark Bronze

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