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With a clean slate and fresh outlook, 2022 has begun and we are already beginning to see signs of the new year. While 2021 brought its challenges and highlights, 2022 is the year to indulge in joyful nostalgia and reinvigorate our minds by returning to the soothing environment of nature.

Although the last couple of years have been anything but soothing, being confined to the indoors reminded us of the value of spending time outdoors. Now that we have reconnected with the new but familiar habitat, it is time to update those outdoor spaces with new tones and elements for a refreshed outlook.

Trends in 2022 are making a shift even further in bringing indoor life outside. Color is also taking the forefront to brighten up everyday living spaces to reflect optimism. To explore the trends further, we once again checked with our very own designer, Angela Bloodworth, to analyze these trends and relate them into our own homes and outdoor spaces.

Angela: “We have found that our outdoor space is not only a place to relax and regroup; it’s also a place for gathering, entertaining, and fun! As our indoor gatherings move outside, that means game rooms, workspaces, even kitchens are moving outside, too. I call it, “They Year of the Outdoor Living Room”. This gives us the ability to personalize our space and make it more welcoming and livable for the entire family to enjoy. Outdoor spaces are being designed for both privacy and entertainment – just like the living rooms inside our homes!”

What color palettes will be huge in 2022?

Angela: “Three color combinations stand out:

1) Lots of green! Think all types of green with warm and cool undertones. We are seeing them in monochromatic palettes, as well as blended with other earth tone colors like soft blues and warm neutrals. Check out our new Madras Tweed Moss and Napa Fern stock additions. These are great greens to update your outdoor furniture.

2) The Modern Craftsman palette is taking over! The traditional smoky blue and rustic terracotta pairing is getting a major color update. We’ve spotted pops of pale gold, chill blue, and burnt coral for a nice update to this classic palette. Our new stripe additions Dakota Blueprint, and Dakota Clay, are the perfect colors to push this trend into your outdoor space.

3) 2022 is the year of self-discovery and with that comes an array of generational style. Thanks to our Gen Z’s, vibrant, daring hues like pink, lilac, and periwinkle are popping up everywhere. This trend has an overall vintage vibe, ‘60s and ‘70s twist. You’ll see wavy lines in furniture, mix-matched patterns in fashion, and a heap of acrylic decor. I expect to see a surge of this trend in outdoor as well. With our new Phifertex Plus fabric, Glaze, you can make your outdoor furniture look clean and lustrous with the added pearlescent effect.”

What is your personal favorite trend of 2022?

Angela: “My personal favorite trend of 2022 is the urge to personalize your space with individual style. We are all so different and that is something to be celebrated! One of the ways we can do that is through home décor. We want a space that makes us feel happy and stress free but can also be used for entertaining our friends and family.”

Angela: “We have introduced eight new PVC cushion fabrics this year specially made for upholstery. These fabrics are perfect for any deep seating or cushion application! They are made with smaller, denier yarns to ensure a soft and durable hand that will add comfort and style to your outdoor space. Update your old cushion fabrics to something bright and fun to express your individual style!”

2022- The Year to Make it What you Want

Angela: With so many upcoming, fresh new trends for 2022, the possibilities are endless when updating your outdoor space. From brighter colors, to lively greens, and even muted tones, one thing is consistent in these 2022 trends: colors and patterns are merely a form of self-expression. So, make it what you want. However, if some of these 2022 trends aren’t for you, remember they’re simply trends, and meant to serve as a form of inspiration. There are no rules, and the only requirement is that you like it.

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