How Can My Window Treatments Save Me Money

Posted in  Interior Shading Fabrics   on  August 23, 2022

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Window coverings serve many different purposes within the home, including limiting visibility in and out of windows and providing decorative qualities. However, window treatments can do much more than that, like save you money on overall energy costs throughout the year.

So, what types of window coverings are there, and what are the best window coverings for energy efficiency? We’re here to cover the kinds of window treatments available and how well they can lower energy costs.

Types of Window Coverings


Blinds are a popular option among window coverings that allow users to easily control light and visibility by adjusting how open or closed they are. They also offer a variety of styling options, and can be made with several different types of material including metal, vinyl and wood. Blinds are constructed horizontally or vertically and range in color, texture and designs. When it comes to choosing blinds, the options are 

vast and can be a cost effective purchase largely depending on the kind of material they are made from.


As the oldest form of window coverings, the use of curtains dates all the way back to 3000 BC. With that kind of history, it’s obvious that curtains have their own set of benefits. Curtains can be as ornate or as basic as you want them to be, and when it comes to light and visibility control the options are simple: open or closed. With endless fabric options, curtains can be the focal point of a room with distinct design 

elements or offer neutral compliments. Much like blinds, curtains can be an easy, cost effective purchase, depending on your needs.


While blinds and curtains bring many design options, solar shades have been proven to be the most effective window treatment for lowering energy costs. Their unique design allows them to perform by blocking harmful UV rays, reducing glare, stopping solar heat gain and maintaining outward views, all while the shades are lowered. They also boast an array of design options, so you won’t be sacrificing looks for functionality.

Solar Shades and Energy Efficiency

Whether at home or in the work place, solar shades improve comfort and provide protection from excess sun exposure. While geographic areas such as the U.S. Southwest experience extreme UV exposure and solar heat gain, solar shades are used across all areas in the U.S., Canada and anywhere direct sunlight penetrates interior spaces. Even in typically cooler climates, solar heat and glare must be managed. Not only are solar shading fabrics effective at lowering energy consumption used for cooling the building’s interior, their unique weave and range of openness factors allow natural light in for additional energy savings where the use of artificial lighting may be reduced.

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Although solar shade fabrics are designed to provide protection from the sun while allowing excellent outward visibility to maintain optimal views, they offer much more than just functionality. Today’s shade fabrics can be elegant and decorative and can easily complement any interior design scheme. By appealing to both the desire for performance and aesthetics, solar shades represent the fastest growing segment of the residential window treatment market.

Photo courtesy of Blind Designs South Africa

SheerWeave® For Interior Roller Shades

Phifer SheerWeave® solar shading fabrics offer a broad range of benefits by filtering and reducing exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. SheerWeave® fabrics have received the seal of approval from the International Melanoma Foundation for contributing to a significant reduction in the risk of skin and eye cancer caused by UV exposure.

When choosing roller shades, customization is the name of the game, as SheerWeave® fabrics come in over 40 different styles in a range of different textures and colors. With SheerWeave® fabrics, you have the option to filter out as little or as much light as you desire. From blackout fabrics to fabrics with a 25% openness factor, the options are endless.

If you’re in the market to start saving energy costs with your window treatments, learn more about SheerWeave® Interior Roller Shade fabrics. Please visit our website and browse our roller shade fabric lines. Still have questions? Live chat with us while on our website or give us a call at 1-800-221-5497.

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