Posted in  Screening   on  June 23, 2023
Warning: Some satire may be detected in this blog…

“Thank you for your call; how can I help you today?” Hopefully, this is a typical greeting that one may receive when contacting Phifer via phone, chat, or other means of communication. We take great pride in our customer service, especially our mission to always have a real human being answer all inquiries.

Full disclosure here. Phifer, admittedly, offers a huge range of screening products, and choosing the right one for a particular application can be a daunting task.

It is not uncommon, however, for us to get a request for the perfect screening. The inquiry goes something like this….

”Hi, I am rescreening my West facing porch overlooking a spectacular mountain range so I need the lowest cost, best visibility screening that you offer so I can enjoy the beautiful views. No see um bugs are common in our area and I also have a 140lb Great Dane dog. Zeus gets pretty hot on the porch in the afternoons (he tries to push on the screen to get outside) so a product with excellent air flow, pet resistance, sun and small insect protection would be very important also. Can you help me?”

Nope, we’re sorry. We wish we had that product because you have just described the perfect screening!

Choosing Priorities

Ok, enough satire but here’s the deal. The trick to choosing the perfect screening is to know which features are your highest priority. If clear visibility is your #1 and great air flow is #2, those products are made with smaller diameter yarns or wires are a more “open” design and will not offer sun protection or hold up against a cat’s claws, much less a Great Dane’s push. Check out our UltraVue2® or BetterVue® for best visibility and air flow.

Phifer BetterVue

If pet resistance, durability or sun protection are critical features, you can get those benefits in products such as PetScreen®, TuffScreen® or SunTex® 80/90. However, it’s important to understand that, to get those features, these screening products are made with larger diameter yarns and are less open than high visibility screens. You’ll have to give up some visibility and air flow with these options.

Phifer SunTex 80 Exterior Solar Screen, Black

Protection from most small insects can be enjoyed with Aluminum Tiny Insect, 20X20, or TuffScreen® No See Um screens. These products are constructed in a more tightly woven mesh to help prevent most small insects from entering your space.

Phifer 20x20 No-See-Ums Insect Screening

So Many Options

Yep, as mentioned earlier, we have many screening options from which to choose, but the good news is that Phifer is here to help you decide. We offer a Screening Quiz, Screening Selection Guide, product spotlight videos and free swatch samples to assist you in how to choose the best insect screening. We are also happy to “live chat” or speak with you by phone should you have questions or need information!

Phifer may not make That Perfect Screening, but we’re confident we have a product that will work for your application! Contact us today to get started!