Posted in  Screening   on  September 15, 2023

As pet owners, we understand the joy our furry companions bring into our lives. However, with this joy comes the responsibility to ensure our homes are safe and suitable environments for them. This often means making specific modifications to pet-proof our living spaces. Among the various elements to consider, one of the most overlooked yet vital aspects is window and door screens. Phifer's American-made PetScreen® offers an excellent solution for protecting your home and pets.

Getting started early is essential, as a new puppy or kitten may be the most likely to get into trouble. 

Phifer PetScreen: A Game-Changer for Pet Owners

Window and door screens are essential components of our homes, offering ventilation, sunlight, and protection from insects while maintaining an outdoor view. Standard screens, though, may not withstand the enthusiasm of an energetic cat or an adventurous dog. Here's where Phifer's PetScreen comes to the rescue.

Phifer’s PetScreen is an innovative product designed explicitly for durability and resistance to damage caused by pets. Stronger than traditional window and door screens, it's made from vinyl-coated polyester which helps withstand clawing, scratching, and even the most zealous game of chase. Additionally, it's easy to install and fits into any standard screen door, window, or porch area.

Being American-made, it carries the assurance of quality, durability, and adherence to safety standards. Click here to learn more about Phifer's line of pet screening products.

Pet-Proofing Room by Room

Every pet owner knows all too well that curious minds seem to find trouble everywhere, even when we think we’ve done everything we can to keep them safe. In addition to adding PetScreen® to the all the windows and doors in your home, there are extra steps you can take to further pet-proof your home. For your peace of mind and your pet’s safety, consider these tips for pet-proofing your home room-by-room.

The Kitchen: Beware of Hidden Dangers

The kitchen, filled with all sorts of small items and tempting aromas, can be a minefield for an inquisitive pet. Pet-proof your kitchen by securing cabinets with childproof locks to prevent pets from accessing cleaning supplies and potentially poisonous substances. Keep sharp utensils safely tucked away in drawers and put away anything small enough to become a choking hazard.

Also, keep the trash bin behind closed doors, as even if the food is unfit for you, your pet could find it irresistible and dangerous for consumption. Store food items that may be toxic to pets, like chocolate and certain fruits, on a high shelf out of your pet's reach.

The Living Room: A Chew-Free Zone

A common challenge in the living room is pets' propensity to chew on almost anything. Ensure that all electrical cords are secured and out of your pets reach to avoid them becoming a chew toys. Additionally, place small decorative items, which can pose a choking hazard, on high shelves where your pet can't reach them. Also, secure blind cords out of reach as they can present a strangulation risk for pets.

Consider providing a variety of safe chew toys to deter your pets from gnawing on furniture. Also, using pet covers on your furniture can protect it from damage and keep your home looking tidy. 

Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Safe and Secure

Bedrooms and bathrooms can also hold many hidden dangers for pets. Double-check that items like personal hygiene products, cleaning chemicals, and medications are tucked safely away in cabinets, and always keep the toilet lid closed to prevent your pets from drinking toilet water. Make sure small items like jewelry and hair ties are stored safely away to prevent them from becoming chewable attractions to mischievous minds.

Laundry Room: Keep Out of Reach

Laundry rooms can be especially hazardous. Essential laundry room supplies like detergents and fabric softeners can be dangerous to your pet, so keep cleaning products safely stored in a closed cabinet. Also, always check your washer and dryer before use, as pets, especially cats, may find these warm, cozy spaces perfect for a nap.

The Great Outdoors: Pet-Proofing Your Yard

Of all the spaces in your home, the backyard should be a safe haven for your pet to explore and play. Ensure there are no gaps in fences through which a small pet might escape. Regularly check the yard for common hazards like sharp objects or toxic plants. Also, secure all trash bins, as they may contain items dangerous for consumption or that could become a chew toy.

Tying It All Together

Pet-proofing your home is a big undertaking, no doubt about it. But a simple way to begin the process is by installing Phifer’s PetScreen in your home’s windows and doors. PetScreen® is the go-to solution for fortifying the vulnerable areas of your home without compromising on aesthetics or your pet's view of the neighborhood birds and squirrels.

Pet-proofing measures in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and backyard are equally critical, ensuring that every corner of your house is safe for your curious companions. Although it’s a daunting task, ensuring your home is safe and secure for all the members of your family is a labor of love, resulting in peace of mind and a happier home. With American-made products like Phifer's PetScreen, you are assured of quality, durability, and a pet-friendly living environment. 

So, make the smart choice for your home and your pets. Choose Phifer PetScreen – because our pets aren't just animals; they're part of the family.

Click here to see where you can buy PetScreen® from a store near you. Still have questions? You can live chat with us on our website or give us a call at 800-854-9473 to receive more information.