Posted in  Exterior Shading Fabrics   on  April 4, 2022

Most of us know what an outdoor screen is. Whether made for windows, or to protect from insects and pests on screened porches, outdoor screens are a part of our everyday lives. One of those less obvious benefits is the daytime privacy that certain screens offer, while still providing good outward visibility.

In simple terms, daytime privacy screens allow viewers to see out of the screen, but prevents visibility through the screen from the outside.

Photos courtesy of Universal Screens

The Science Behind the Screen

The reason this is possible is primarily due to the tight construction of the woven screening material. The openness factor ranges from 35% down to 3% depending on which product is specified. In other words, daytime privacy screens are 65% up to 97% “closed” mesh as in the case of SunTex®97.

“Daytime” privacy is the very important distinction because at night, visibility is reversed due to light source. For example, a concentrated light from a porch or inside a house allows outside viewers to see inside. Thus, the term “daytime privacy screen.”

Does the Color of Daytime Privacy Screens Matter?

The short answer is yes. By far, the most popular colors for daytime privacy screens are dark options such as black or bronze. The primary reasons are that dark colors deliver the best outward visibility and they block and absorb the sun’s hot UV rays, especially when used in a 4-sided screen frame mounted outside of the window’s glass.

Light colors have the benefits of a higher ability to reflect light and heat before entering a space but, keep in mind that outward visibility will be diminished compared to darker shades. The good news is that there are many color choices for most Phifer daytime privacy screens that you can check out here.

Photos courtesy of Blind Designs South Africa

How to Achieve Your Own Daytime Privacy Screened-In Space

These screens or retractable shade systems are very popular and readily available for DIY or professional installation. Whether it’s for windows, doors, or your porch, first determine which screen is best for your needs by exploring our website or chatting with us.

After you decide which product is best for your application, simply install daytime privacy screening in the same frame by replacing the existing screen or contact us and we can help you find companies to help you. Create some privacy for your indoor or outdoor space today!

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