Commercial Building Projects Are Demanding Window Coverings with ANTIMICROBIAL Treatments. Why?

Posted in  Interior Shading Fabrics   on  January 11, 2023

Are you designing or specifying window treatments that are functional and stylish? The innovative Sheerweave® roller shade fabrics developed with antimicrobial technology provide the perfect solution. This collection of sun shading products offer superior performance in any interior design while promoting occupant health by inhibiting bacterial growth, mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria.

Not only do SheerWeave roller shade fabrics look great on windows, but their antimicrobial capabilities make them a smart choice for any space where safety is a priority – making them ideal for hospitals, schools or commercial buildings. Read on to learn more about these stylish fabrics and how this unique feature sets them apart from traditional roller shades.

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What is an Antimicrobial Treatment?

The fear of germs has been a hot topic for many years. In recent times, however, it's become more important than ever to make sure our living and work spaces are clean, sanitized and germ-free. That’s why antimicrobial treatments have gained so much attention in both the home and professional interior design markets.

Antimicrobial treatments offer an extra layer of defense against germs that traditional cleaning methods can miss. Whether you're an architect or interior designer looking to make sure your projects are up to date with the latest health standards or to ensure your clients an added feeling of safety, understanding what antimicrobial treatment is will help you achieve just that!

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How Does It Work?

Prior to fiberglass or polyester yarns being woven into SheerWeave patterns, they are coated with a vinyl compound which incorporates the Microban® additive in its “recipe”. Since the technology is built into the coated yarns at the point of manufacture, the Microban antimicrobial protection will not wash off or wear away for the life of the woven material.

Why an Antimicrobial Treatment for Roller Shade Fabric?

Protecting the surface of your fabric with an antimicrobial treatment is critical for ensuring the lifetime value of your roller shade. Microban® innovative technology for antimicrobial treatment of textiles has proven effective to increase product freshness and resist unpleasant odors, particularly for interior roller shades made with SheerWeave® brand fabrics by Phifer. 

With an antimicrobial treatment, your roller shades and blinds stay fresher and cleaner for longer, increasing the product’s value.

SheerWeave Style 5000

Fresher Textiles with Antimicrobial Treatment

When considering the freshness of your product, it is important to understand the cause and behavior of odors on textiles. Microban recently conducted an odor study to determine the effect that Microban antimicrobial treatment

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and textile protection can have on reducing odors caused by bacteria. In this study, two fabric samples were tested: one was produced with Microban antimicrobial protection and one was untreated. Both samples were inoculated with bacteria and the growth of bacteria was measured over a six-hour incubation period.

What was the result? The sample with a Microban antimicrobial treatment generated 250 times less malodor (bad odor) after the six-hour period than the sample left unprotected, and the protected sample stayed significantly fresher throughout the entire test period.

Roller Shade Fabrics Stay Cleaner

Microorganisms like mold and bacteria can double every 20 minutes in damp and humid environments. All the more reason why textile products need to be designed and developed with an antimicrobial treatment, especially home textiles that are notoriously susceptible when exposed to humidity and moisture.

Microban is more than just technology. 

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They committed to Phifer with support throughout the entire product development process. After collaborating during the planning stage, our engineering team designed the ideal antimicrobial product technology for the SheerWeave brand of fabrics. By experimenting with various chemical compounds in the lab, Microban chemists deciphered which additives would best resist microbial reproduction. At that point, masterbatch specifications were established, as well as assistance with regulatory approvals and patent counseling.

Roller Shades That Last Longer

Working with Phifer to understand their individual product development processes, Microban incorporated these findings into a durability evaluation and testing methodology before committing to a Phifer partnership. 

Some antimicrobial products that withstood customized experiments and testing are those that are often exposed to humidity and repeated cleaning. Through simulated showers, 

hot vapor and solvent exposures, the Phifer development team ensured that Microban antimicrobial technology would last well beyond the product’s useful life. Particularly for home fabrics, Microban protection actively works between cleaning cycles to ensure they stay fresh and clean for longer, inhibiting microbe growth and odor-causing bacteria.

At Phifer, delivering new innovation and product differentiation to our customers is one of our core strengths. Our goal is to provide a shade fabric solution with enhanced features that delivers added value in the markets they serve. Our exclusive partnership with Microban is a great illustration of a strength that has helped our customers win business and exceed the needs of their clients.

Today, SheerWeave® is the only roller shade fabric brand worldwide with exclusive Microban antimicrobial protection, a valued feature that only Phifer can offer to roller shade customers. Interested in learning more or receiving samples of SheerWeave® antimicrobial roller shade fabrics? Live Chat from our website or give us a call at 800-221-5497 today.

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