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SheerWeave® 7000 Blackout

SheerWeave 7000 is uniquely designed to provide total light blockage when complete room darkening is needed. These premium blackout fabrics are PVC-free and ideal for residential and commercial use.

SheerWeave® 7100 Blackout

Offering total light blockage, SheerWeave 7100 is the only blackout fabric that’s infused with Microban and is designed to coordinate easily with SheerWeave Styles 2000 and 2100.

SheerWeave® 7200R Blackout / 7250R Light-Filtering

SheerWeave 7200R compliments any design scheme, combining total light-blockage with a neutral yet subtly variegated pattern designed for residential use. Style 7250R offers a light-filtering option using the same face fabric.

SheerWeave® 7400 Blackout / 7450 Light-Filtering

SheerWeave 7400 provides total light blockage with a decorative texture, while Style 7450 provides a light-filtering option using the same face fabric.

SheerWeave® 7500/7500R Blackout

SheerWeave 7500 is an economical blackout solution for commercial applications. Offering the same look and feel, Style 7500R is designed for residential use.

SheerWeave® 7600 Blackout / 7650 Light-Filtering

SheerWeave 7600 combines blackout functionality with a timeless linen design, while Style 7650 provides a light-filtering option using the same face fabric.

SheerWeave® 7700R Blackout / 7750R Light-Filtering

Featuring a soft, textured pattern evoking the look of grasscloth with a colored back, Style 7700R provides total light blockage. Style 7750R filters natural light while maintaining the look of 7700R.

SheerWeave® 7800 Blackout / 7850 Light-Filtering

Emulating the timeless look of linen, Style 7800 achieves total light blockage with an acrylic foamed backing and decorative polyester face. With no backing, Style 7850 provides the same texture in complimenting colors while allowing interiors to be illuminated with natural light.

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