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Recyclable and PVC-free, SheerWeave Infinity2 sun control fabrics harness natural light to enhance indoor comfort. The eco-friendly material provides heat and glare control and helps to conserve energy.

SheerWeave® 4000/4100/4400

SheerWeave 4000, 4100 and 4400 are the only sun control fabrics that use DOW's unique ECOLIBRIUM Bio-Based Plasticizer. ECOLIBRIUM is an eco-friendly solution that lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

SheerWeave® 7000 Blackout

SheerWeave 7000 is uniquely designed to provide total light blockage when complete room darkening is needed. These premium blackout fabrics are PVC-free and ideal for residential and commercial use.

SheerWeave® 7200R Blackout / 7250R Light-Filtering

SheerWeave 7200R compliments any design scheme, combining total light-blockage with a neutral yet subtly variegated pattern designed for residential use. Style 7250R offers a light-filtering option using the same face fabric.

SheerWeave® 7400 Blackout / 7450 Light-Filtering

SheerWeave 7400 provides total light blockage with a decorative texture, while Style 7450 provides a light-filtering option using the same face fabric.

SheerWeave® 7500/7500R Blackout

SheerWeave 7500 is an economical blackout solution for commercial applications. Offering the same look and feel, Style 7500R is designed for residential use.

SheerWeave® 7600 Blackout / 7650 Light-Filtering

SheerWeave 7600 combines blackout functionality with a timeless linen design, while Style 7650 provides a light-filtering option using the same face fabric.

SheerWeave® 7700R Blackout / 7750R Light-Filtering

Featuring a soft, textured pattern evoking the look of grasscloth with a colored back, Style 7700R provides total light blockage. Style 7750R filters natural light while maintaining the look of 7700R.

SheerWeave® 8000

SheerWeave 8000 is Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM, PVC-free and 100% recyclable. It is an excellent eco-friendly option for commercial roller shades.

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