Phifertex® Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

Phifertex<sup>®</sup> Plus
Vibrant colors and classic weaves for sling furniture. Superior strength for tough projects.
Phifertex<sup>®</sup> Wicker Weaves
Beautiful weaves that replace the look of natural wood, rattan or wicker in sling applications.
Phifertex<sup>®</sup> Resort Collection
Bright and colorful sling fabrics in solid and striped designs for a stylish resort look and feel.
Phifertex<sup>®</sup> Cushion Collection
Pliable and soft touch sling fabrics uniquely designed in warm and light neutral colors.
Phifertex<sup>®</sup> Jacquards
Complex Jacquard weaves that allow for intricate looks such as tapestry, geometric or floral designs.
Phifertex<sup>®</sup> Stripes
Phifertex Stripes offer a broad range of designs with colorful bands and strips of texture.
Phifertex<sup>®</sup> PVC/Olefin Blends
Sling fabric that blends the best of both worlds, the strength of PVC and the softness of olefin.
Phifertex<sup>®</sup> Standard and Recreational Mesh
Open weave fabrics for a variety of multipurpose applications.