Product Development

Research and product development have been the lifeblood of Phifer’s growth since shortly after the company began in 1952. When air conditioning began replacing breezes through screened windows in most homes, the need for a screen to control heat gain at the window became an opportunity. Phifer developed both aluminum and, later, fiberglass SunScreen® meshes which, fortunately, proved to be the company’s entrance into the sun control products market. We invite you to browse the many exterior and interior sun control products that are offered today as a result of these initial developments.

Our product development team utilizes a marketing driven approach with a keen ear to the needs and requirements of our customers and the markets in which our products are used. We focus on technology driven opportunities that offer a good fit toward the guiding principles of our company and with our distinct core competencies.

Examples of recent products Phifer has developed and commercialized include SheerWeave® 2000, 3000 and Infinity 2 styles, UltraVue2® and BetterVue® insect screening, TuffScreen® and QuikScreen® door and shade products. Phifer has also developed new markets for existing products such as the Phifertex® line of Murotex® wall covering fabric and vinyl-coated mesh variations used in floor covering applications.

Phifer’s product development staff of engineers, chemists, and marketing professionals will continue to explore, discover, and create products to enhance our future and the future of our customers. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines including textile weaving, specialty chemicals, and performance materials, we are dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the demands of our customers and markets.