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Phifertex® Stripes

Phifertex® Stripes

There is no location, season, animal or get-together that Phifertex® fabric cannot handle. The fabric’s unparalleled strength is ideal for areas accustomed to inclement weather. Additionally, its vibrant colors and patterns make it ideal for those with ever-changing tastes. Find relief from staring at your sagging, faded and torn sling furniture, and click on one of the fabric swatches to view available designs, colors, patterns, technical data and more.

Phifertex® Stripes might Be right for you if …

  • You live in an area with frequent inclement weather or extreme seasons
  • You want to protect your sling furniture investment with a fabric that will not rip, fade or sag
  • You want to change the color or pattern of your current sling chair
  • You want a fabric that is GREENGUARD® Certified
  • You desire a fabric infused with mold, mildew and odor-fighting capabilities like Microban®
  • You care about outdoor fabric made in the U.S.A.
Phifertex Stripes Colors

Aquafino, Coastline Peacock, Daytripper Denim, Delray Stripe-Conch, Delray Stripe-Kiwi, Delray Stripe-Poolside, Elise Stripe Chesapeake, Marlo Stripe Onyx, Owen Stripe Surf, Palazzo Stripe Harbor, Raleigh Stripe Willow, Santiago Stripe, Saylor Stripe Sepia, Tempo Stone, Trixie Stripe Myrtle, Vineyard Stripe Copper, Vineyard Stripe Silver, Windsor Stripe-Spa, Winsted Stripe Beach

Konstruktion (Netz) 42x14
Inhaltsstoffe 100% Woven Vinylbeschichteter Polyester
Reinigung Einfache Reinigung mit Seife und Wasser oder einer 50/50-Bleichmittel-Wasser-Lösung
Breite 54" (137,2 cm)
Standardrollenlänge Ungefähr 60 Yards (54,86 m)
Öffnungsfaktor Ungefähr 7 %


Daytripper Denim
Marlo Stripe Onyx
Elise Stripe Chesapeake
Coastline Peacock
Delray Stripe-Conch
Delray Stripe-Poolside
Delray Stripe-Kiwi
Owen Stripe Surf
Palazzo Stripe Harbor
Raleigh Stripe Willow
Santiago Stripe
Saylor Stripe Sepia
Tempo Stone
Trixie Stripe Myrtle
Vineyard Stripe Copper
Vineyard Stripe Silver
Windsor Stripe-Spa
Winsted Stripe Beach