Phifer aluminum, steel and fiberglass is produced in a wide range of widths and mesh configurations. Made in the U.S.A. Click here for our filtration brochure or contact us to get a quote.



Phifer aluminum, steel, fiberglass and polyester meshes and coated yarns provide extra strength to cementitious materials and reinforcement for plastics, rubber and other materials. Click here to get a quote for your reinforcement mesh material.



Phifer aluminum and fiberglass woven mesh are designed to maximize airflow for applications such as attics and crawl spaces. Our vent mesh products meet most building codes for ventilation and net-free area. Contact us to get a quote.


Industrial Windscreen

Made in the U.S.A., vinyl coated fiberglass or polyester yarns from Phifer are supplied in a wide diameter range on packages to fit your operation. Click here for a capabilities guide and contact us for a quote.


Phifer polyester or fiberglass mesh provides excellent wind resistance, shading and UV stability for industrial or garden center/nursery applications.  Made in the U.S.A. and available in a variety of openness options, Click here to get in touch with a Phifer Engineered Products’ representative.


Braiding and Weaving

Phifer fiberglass and polyester yarns can be woven or braided to provide strength and protection for water hoses, wiring harnesses and numerous other applications. Click here to get a quote.