Q: In addition to vinyl, does Phifer offer other coatings on synthetic yarns?

A: Yes, we also offer olefin coatings.

Q: Do you offer other metal woven products besides aluminum and steel?

A: Yes, we have the capability to weave most metals. Please contact us with your specific requirement and specification.

Q: What is your minimum order amount?

A: For stock material, our minimum order is $500.00. Please contact us for minimum order amount on custom or special products.

Q: Where can I buy Phifer Engineered Products?

A: Due to the wide variety of EP available, please contact us directly to discuss how and/or where you can buy our products.

Q: Do you make filters?

A: No, we do not make finished filters, but our fiberglass and metal woven mesh is used extensively by filter manufacturers for a wide variety of filtration applications. Click here for details on our filtration mesh products.

Q: What is reinforcement mesh?

A: Our mesh is used in a variety of products as a reinforcement material. Click here for more information.

Q: Is Phifer ISO certified?

A: Yes, click here to view our certification.