The Fabric Trends That

Will Thrive in 2022

Always Comfortable, Always Durable,
Always On-Trend

Phifer® Incorporated is pleased to introduce six new collections that encompass upcoming trends for outdoor furniture fabrics in 2022. Time-tested and inspiring, this year’s crop of fabrics freshen up trustworthy earth tones and bring a fresh sense of balance and stability with cozy, simplistic neutrals. From cool blue-greens, to warm desert tones, to chic greys and chocolatey browns, these collections create soft and soothing themes that cause us to regain clarity and achieve harmony within.

As we transition into 2022, we hold onto joyful nostalgia and welcome life-giving hope with softened colors and peaceful patterns. This new ensemble is comprised of 270 fabrics that will breathe life into any outdoor space. 

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Woven from durable, vinyl-coated polyester yarns, Phifertex® fabrics are UV and fade resistant to ensure long-lasting, vibrant color. Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection provides an added level of defense against damaging bacteria, mold and mildew. Made from reclaimed fibers, GeoBella® fabrics boast the plush texture and comfort of indoor furniture along with the stability, strength and durability needed for outdoor cushion applications.


Nature Walk

Phifer’s Nature Walk collection channels the calm and beauty of the outdoors with a color scheme that takes cues from nature. Brimming with lush greens, rich wood tones, and creamy neutrals, this soothing collection of color represents luxury and well-being. Nourish your soul with plant based hues that promote vitality, rest and balance.



Celebrate the end of the day and unwind with Phifer’s Afterglow collection. Inspired by arid terrain and desert cultures, this opulent color palette is a combination of burnt earth tones and deep warm hues that will leave your space feeling comfortable and cozy. With a nod to craftsmanship and the love of adventure, seize the opportunity to be inspired once the blaze has dwindled.


Authentic Living

Phifer’s Authentic Living collection offers a nostalgic mix of warm and cool colors that promote unity and togetherness. Complimentary rich earth tones and soothing blue-greens create instinctive natural harmony that invites us to take a moment to reflect and reset. This time tested color palette will help you celebrate genuine connection and moments that take place in the home.


Play Zone

Reconnect with tones that spark joy inspired by nostalgic or sensorial experiences of the past. This season’s bright palette is driven by a longing to be uplifted and energized. With a refreshing infusion of soft tropical blue and coral, we seek feelings of wellbeing and health through a softer approach to futuristic hues. Easy on the eyes and full of vigor, we welcome these hopeful brights with open arms.


Neutral Territory

With Phifer’s Neutral Territory collection, we take a pause from the constants of life to restore our sense of stability and belonging. Warm and simplistic neutrals paired with chic grey strike the perfect balance of understated beauty. This collection of classic and dependable neutrals will offer longevity and comfort as you stand tall through life’s storms.



With a soft Mediterranean influence, Phifer’s Blueprint collection will leave you feeling peaceful and grounded as we regain clarity and find our path to move past adversity. This collection layers both contemporary and soothing blues with warm industrial greys in a stylish monochromatic palette. These intentional hues bring us a renewed sense of safety and comfort that make us feel confident and progressive.

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