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You want your outdoor space to be every bit as inviting and comfortable as your living room, so you and your family can make the most of every sunny day. If your porch or patio is cozy, comfortable, and beautifully decorated, you’re much more likely to move outside to read a book or invite the neighbors over for an impromptu BBQ.

Adding cushions and pillows to your outdoor furniture lets you ramp up the comfort factor. And with Phifer’s range of gorgeous GeoBella® designer outdoor fabric, you can customize the colors and prints to create a completely personalized look for your outdoor porch and patio cushions. As an added benefit, our luxurious GeoBella line doubles as both a designer indoor / outdoor fabric, making it suitable to create unique, colorful accents for your home’s interior -- from the living room to the bedroom to the nursery and beyond!

The first step is choosing your outdoor cushion fabric. There are a lot of options to choose from, so how do you decide? Phifer has created this simple guide to help you discover your ideal material for outdoor pillows.

Using GeoBella Designer Fabrics for Outdoor Cushion & Pillows

With Phifer’s GeoBella designer fabrics, you get style and comfort in one beautiful material. Our GeoBella line features high performance, eco-friendly fabrics woven from 100% recyclable olefin yarns. Its touchable texture and world-class design puts it on a par with high-end indoor furniture fabrics, making them a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use. With a wide variety of sophisticated colors and patterns with chic, intricate weaves, GeoBella offers designers and DIYers the choice and quality they need to create show-stopping outdoor cushions and pillows.

When you’re designing for an outdoor environment, there are several factors to consider. First, you’ll need a fabric that’s sturdy enough to cope with the elements. Beyond the elements, your fabric also needs to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor life. That includes kids who’ve been making mud pies in the sun all day, a dripping dog who’s just been for a swim and wants to tell you all about it, the ketchup-and-mustard-covered burger your neighbor just dropped, or a tragically spilled glass of cabernet.

In addition to durability and stain resistance, you’ll want material that’s soft and comfortable. Just because a fabric is rugged doesn’t mean you should settle for a rough, burlap texture. Finally, if you’re making custom cushions, you want the freedom to choose from a wide variety of colors, prints and weaves to create something that suits your ideal outdoor aesthetic.

There are many types of outdoor material that work well for cushions, but fabrics made from olefin stand out from the crowd. Olefin fabric, which composes our GeoBella line of designer fabrics, has been engineered for high performance in an outdoor setting. It’s strong, easy to clean and dries quickly after a rain shower. It’s also soft and beautiful enough to compete with many high-end indoor upholstery fabrics, which means that you get the best of both worlds.

Outdoor fabric for cushions

Features to Look for in Outdoor Cushion Fabrics


Outdoor material for cushions needs to be hard-wearing and able to resist pilling, abrasion and tearing. Find out more about Phifer’s most durable outdoor fabrics and how they have been engineered for strength.


Water resistant fabric for outdoor cushions means that you don’t have to worry about rain, dew or a water-gun fight. Look for fabric that doesn’t absorb large amounts of water and dries quickly to avoid future problems with mold and mildew. Learn more about Phifer’s water resistant fabrics.


UV rays can be destructive, causing material to fade in the sunlight -- an obvious problem for fabric that lives outside! Phifer’s designer materials have been created to stay bright and beautiful for years, no matter how bright the sun shines


Part of enjoying outdoor life is appreciating and caring for the environment. The manufacturing process behind olefin-based fabrics like our GeoBella line creates very little waste and the sturdy fabric has a long lifespan. Even better, the material is totally recyclable and can be re-spun and made into new fabric up to 10 times.


How to Use Fabric to Make Outdoor Cushions

Reupholster Your
Outdoor Furniture

Check out our step-by-step introduction to sewing with outdoor fabric with instructions on creating cushions for your patio dining set or lounger.

Create Pillows and
Throw Cushions

We’ll walk you through the simple (and highly addictive!) process of making your own outdoor cushions. You’ll find everything you need to feel confident and excited about this easy DIY project.

Play with Phifer Designed Fabrics for Your Outdoor Pillows

Throw pillows and cushions are a fantastic way to add some pops of color and interest to your furniture, so this is a chance to experiment and get really creative! The Phifer Outdoor Fabric Visualizer offers you the chance to experiment with your favorite fabrics before you buy. Mix and match, play with textures and have some fun!

Outdoor DIY is so rewarding, and Phifer wants to make it fun, simple, and accessible for everyone. If you ever have questions about our fabric, get in touch with us! You can reach our friendly experts over the phone, via email or in live chat. We can offer answers, guidance and connection to retailers who carry the Phifer designer fabrics you’re looking for -- for sale locally or online!

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