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What is Sling Chair Mesh?

Sling chairs are one of the most common and comfortable types of outside furniture. Perfect for enjoying BBQs and outdoor dinner parties or long, lazy afternoons by the pool, sling chairs are form-fitting, supportive, quick-drying, and sturdy enough to deal with the demands and rigors of life outdoors. The secret to their comfort and rugged adaptability is in the mesh outdoor fabric used in their construction -- although not just any outdoor fabric will do. Sling furniture fabric needs to be strong, with the dimensional stability to hold up under tension and body weight.

Enter Phifertex® -- Phifer’s range of vinyl mesh fabric for sling chairs that includes many different weaves, colors and constructions (more on the different types later)! All Phifertex sling fabrics are woven from durable, resilient PVC-coated polyester yarns. This material is extremely strong and flexible but has very little stretch, meaning it won’t sag or tear under pressure. Its PVC vinyl-coating also means that the fabric performs beautifully in all kinds of weather, is water resistant, and can also withstand UV rays.

When to Use Sling Mesh


Cushions, Pillows and Table Cloths

Our touchably soft Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend fabric is a great choice for cushions and pillows. We’ve written a super simple how-to guide  to help you create beautiful, cozy cushions in a few short hours.


Sling Chair

Ready to replace the fabric on your outdoor furniture? Phifer has put together a step-by-step patio sling chair fabric replacement tutorial to to guide you through the process.


Table Runners and

Attractive, durable and easily washable, Phifertex is a great choice for outdoor dining accessories. It also doesn’t fray when it’s cut, which means you have the option of a no-sew project. What could be easier?

Features of Sling Chair Mesh


Phifertex is the world’s only outdoor fabric infused with Microban protection, an antimicrobial agent that will not wash or wear away throughout the lifetime of the fabric. Microban inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, keeping your fabric smelling and looking fresh for years to come in all kinds of weather!


Our Phifertex outdoor sling fabrics are GREENGUARD Certified, ensuring materials meet stringent standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs).


From torrential thunderstorms to a small splash of water from kids playing in the pool, outdoor sling chair fabric must be able to withstand exposure to water. Phifertex wicks water on contact and dries lightning fast.


As enjoyable as a warm, sunny day may be, sun exposure can be as destructive to your outdoor furniture as moisture -- all the more reason to choose the right outdoor chair replacement fabric. Phifertex is both UV-resistant and fade resistant to ensure your fabric stays as vibrant and colorful as the day you bought it for years to come.

Pros/Cons of Sling Chair Mesh

When you’re tackling any DIY project and researching materials, the most important step is to match your fabric to the job it needs to perform. Sling chair mesh like Phifertex has many advantages for a variety of applications. It’s easy to cut with scissors and sew yourself, even for beginners. It’s strong and rugged, but still flexible. As a mesh, it’s a breathable fabric with lots of airflow, which means it dries quickly and helps keep you feeling cool by the pool!

While traditional Phifertex shines as a sturdy superstar on sling chairs, capable of holding body weight as you lounge on your porch, it’s a stronger, stiffer fabric than most and isn’t suited to all outdoor applications. If you are looking for fabric that's more pliable and soft, look to Phifer's Phifertex® Cushion Collection line, which is made of from smaller diameter yarns that yield a smoother touch.

Maintenance of Sling Chair Mesh

Thanks to the many strengths of PVC-coated polyester and the added protection of Microban, Phifertex stays looking great with very little maintenance. It’s also stain resistant and so easy to clean. When spills do inevitably happen, a quick wipe-down with soapy water will solve most of your problems. For big messes and trickier stains, we’ve created a detailed cleaning guide, which will point you to the solution!

Find the Right Phifertex for Your Next Sling Chair Mesh Project

Phifer sells a wide variety of sling-weight chair fabrics in our Phifertex line. Each one is designed to provide an elegant solution for your outdoor furniture projects. All Phifertex fabrics are also backed by a three-year warranty.


Made from 100% PVC, Jacquard fabrics offer some of our most intricate design work. You’ll find tapestries, florals and geometrics to suit the most sophisticated tastes.


Perfect for the most demanding projects, these rugged, slingable fabrics have been designed and engineered for a wide variety of applications that demand extra strength and/or dimensional stability. Don’t let their tough pedigree fool you, though: available in a wonderful range of solids and stripes, they are every bit as attractive as they are hard-wearing.


If you’re looking for an indoor-outdoor sling material, these fabrics combine the dimensional strength of vinyl-coated polyester yarns with the touchable softness of olefin yarns. Available in spectacular weaves, tapestries, solids and stripes, and appropriate for both sling and cushion furniture applications.


The dobby weaves of wicker Phifertex fabrics mimic the textures of nature – wood, rattan, and wicker – but retain the strength and stability for sling furniture. If you want a natural look for your outdoor furniture in a low-maintenance, long-lasting fabric, you’ll find your perfect material here.

One of the best parts of any DIY project is daydreaming about what it looks like when it’s finished -- and enjoying the fruits of your labors. Now that you’ve done your research, you can use the Phifer Outdoor Fabric Visualizer and let your inner designer out to play. Mix and match fabrics, experiment with color, shades and textures, and see what works with our sample images!

Have more questions about Phifertex sling chair fabric? Please get in touch! We’re standing by via phone, email or live chat to provide answers! We can help you decide which Phifertex fabric is right for your project and even point you to online and offline retailers where you can find it in your chosen colors and designs. We’re always ready to talk fabric!

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