Designer Wall Covering Fabrics: Commercial, Acoustic, Upholstery & More

Whether you’re starting from scratch in a brand new space or giving your workplace a much-needed makeover, outfitting an office or commercial property is a big investment. As an added concern, commercial buildings also have specific codes, building specifications, and safety standards that need to be followed in order to be compliant with various regulations. One of the major decisions you’ll need to make with aesthetics, budget, durability, and regulations in mind has to do with any wall coverings you use in your building.

Offices are busy places, and the average person spends 40+ hours a week at work. You want the place where you, your coworkers and your clients spend so much time to be attractive and comfortable -- and to stay that way for years to come. Choosing the right materials the first time is the best way to ensure that you’re getting excellent value for your money.

Why Choose an Acoustic Wall Covering

When you’re considering your wall covering options, commercial vinyl wall covering fabric, like Phifer’s Murotex®, offers many valuable benefits:

  • Stylish office interior: Commercial walls that have been covered with fabric help create a comfortable and attractive space for your workforce.
  • Buffers sound & filters noise: The right acoustical panel can absorb and soften disruptive sounds of office life and make it easier for everyone to concentrate.
  • Flame retardant & code compliant: A high performance vinyl-coated polyester mesh fabric, Murotex is extremely durable, flame retardant, and has been engineered to meet most commercial office codes.
  • Easy to clean: Wall fabric like Murotex is also easily washable and much easier to maintain than paint or wallpaper.
  • Antimicrobial, stain resistant & fade resistant: Murotex has been treated with Microban, which means it’s antimicrobial, and it is both stain and fade resistant, so it will remain fresh and vibrant long after the other alternatives start looking a bit threadbare and worn.

Other Uses for Murotex

Murotex is an excellent choice for commercial wall coverings and acoustical panels, but it also shines as an office upholstery solution. Office furniture gets a lot of use and can really take a beating throughout its lifetime. The rugged strength of fabric like Murotex means that, even when it is used in the highest traffic areas of your business, your upholstery won’t fray and fade the way most traditional upholstery fabrics would.

Design Your Own Fabric Wall Treatment and Upholstery Textiles

Fabrics used in an office setting may need to be utilitarian, but aesthetics are a serious concern, too. With Murotex, you have unlimited design possibilities at your fingertips. There’s no need to compromise on a small selection of samples from a catalog. Because Phifer produces Murotex on a custom basis, you have total creative freedom to design your textile wallcovering and upholstery yourself. Our expert weavers can create a sophisticated, design-led fabric that’s completely unique to your business, in any combination of colors and patterns.

Want to learn more about Phifer’s designer wall coverings and fabrics?  We can answer all your questions about commercial wallcoverings and what we can do for your office. We’re happy to walk you through the process and your options so you can design a workspace to be proud of. Contact us via phone, email or live chat, and we can help you find the right wall covering fabric to make your office a little more like home!