The Wicker Look: You Can Have It Without Buying New Furniture


What Is Wicker Weave Fabric?

What if you could have the beauty of natural wicker and rattan without the worry of rot or breakage over time? Phifertex® Wicker Weave fabric offers you the look of natural wicker and rattan with superior durability that makes upkeep a breeze.

Traditionally, wicker and rattan cane had been used for generations to weave outdoor furniture such as chairs or love seats -- with or without fabric cushions. Although these materials are attractive and versatile, they require extensive upkeep to stay sturdy and looking good. These natural materials are particularly at the mercy of moisture, and rot is a common problem. Another downside to natural wicker and rattan is that they are too stiff and lack sufficient strength to be used as fabric for sling chair applications.

Thanks to modern fiber technology, Phifertex Wicker Weaves offer a luxurious alternative to these old favorites that offers all the charm of nature-sourced materials with none of the downfalls.

Our wicker weave fabric is actually made from the same durable, washable vinyl-covered polyester material as Phifer’s other slingable fabrics. However, it has been given a special dobby weave during the manufacturing process that allows it to mimic the textures of wicker, rattan, wood, sisal, straw, and other plant-based materials.

Like all PVC-coated polyester meshes, these fabrics are created by covering a core of strong polyester yarns with coatings of water-resistant vinyl. This makes the resulting fabric extremely durable and dimensionally stable, easy to clean and care for, and ideal for any situation where you want a hard-wearing fabric -- especially if its intended goal is to support a person’s bodyweight as they lounge on their porch or by the pool.

These fabrics are a fabulous way to bring a nature-inspired theme to your outdoor furniture and can be used for a wide range of applications. Phifertex Wicker Weaves also offer a wonderfully varied, neutral palette for the home DIY enthusiast and designer to explore. From a tranquil zen-inspired outdoor living room to a veranda that feels like a faraway fantasy tropical resort, you can bring the beauty of the natural world a little closer. Phifertex Wicker Weaves are a  “natural” fit for any outside space!

Where Can You Use Wicker Weave Fabric?

For the look of wicker, Designed Fabrics such as Phifertex Wicker Weaves give the look of wicker or woven rattan with the stylish ease and versatility of treated fabric. It works for any application where you might use vinyl-coated polyester mesh.


Sling Chair Replacement

Sling chairs past their prime often show stains, sun fading or tears in the original fabric. Instead of consigning them to the curb on trash day and buying a new set of chairs, you can easily give them new life with new fabric. Save money and enjoy complete creative control by replacing slings yourself. Phifer has created an easy-to-follow guide to replacing your sling chair fabric. See how simple it is to re-sling your chairs in one weekend afternoon!


Table Runners and Placemats

Add a touch of natural beauty to your picnic and patio tables with sophisticated wicker weave outdoor dining accessories. Phifertex is attractive, washable and extremely durable. Because it doesn’t fray when cut, you don’t even need to break out the sewing machine. Dress your table with no-sew projects in less time than it takes to BBQ your dinner!


Tote Bags and Sports Bags

Breathable, waterproof, washable and quick to dry, vinyl mesh fabric is ideal for whipping up a beach bag (great for stashing wet bathing suits) or a handy tote to bring to the gym, dance studio, or sports practice (let those yoga pants, leotards and uniforms air out on the way home)!

Features of Wicker Weave Fabric

One of the best parts of using Phifertex Wicker Weave fabric is that it comes with a range of modern features, giving it an undeniable edge over traditional materials.

  • Microban® - All Phifertex fabrics are infused with Microban, an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Microban ensures that your Phifertex Wicker Weave stays looking and smelling fresh, and it won’t wash off or wear away throughout the lifetime of the fabric.
  • Water Resistant - When you choose Phifertex Wicker Weave, you don’t need to worry about water damage. The PVC coating allows the fabric to repel water, and it dries in a flash after a rain storm.
  • GREENGUARD® Certified - Phifer is proud to say that our Designed Fabrics are GREENGUARD certified. This voluntary certification program means that our materials meet some of the world’s most stringent standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs). It’s an important contribution towards improving air quality, indoors and out.
  • UV and Fade Resistant - Don’t let your outdoor fabrics age prematurely in the sun’s rays! Phifertex fabric is designed to be UV and fade resistant, so you have peace of mind that it will remain strong and vibrant even after years of sunshine.

Why Use Wicker Weave Fabric?

Because Phifer’s Wicker Weave fabric is made of woven PVC mesh, it has all the strengths and benefits you’d expect of a cutting-edge engineered sling fabric.

  • Versatility - Like all of our Phifertex materials, our Wicker Weave line is sturdy, yet lightweight, dimensionally stable, hard wearing, and easy to clean.
  • Easy to use for DIY projects - Working with Phifertex is a snap, even for beginners. It’s easy to handle, doesn’t fray when cut, and you don’t need any special tools to work with it -- regular scissors and a home sewing machine are all you need to create a number of DIY projects.
  • Excellent airflow - Mesh construction allows for easy airflow, which makes it comfortable and cool when used for chairs.
  • Exceptionally strong - The signature strength of our Phifertex Wicker Weaves make it a great choice for projects like sling chairs. It won’t rip or sag, even when put under tension and required to support body weight.

When weighing the pros and cons of using Wicker Weave fabrics, there are endless positives. However, for projects (such as outdoor curtains) where softness is at the top of your fabric wishlist, you will want to choose a fabric with more drape. We recommend exploring our new Phifertex Cushion Collection which is remarkably soft to the touch and will move more freely than traditional Phifertex.

Maintenance of Wicker Weave Fabric

The easy maintenance of Phifertex Wicker Fabric is a huge plus. Stain resistant, fade resistant, water resistant, mold and mildew resistant -- it practically maintains itself!

To keep your fabric looking as fresh and shiny as the day you bought it, all you need to do is give it an occasional wipe down with soapy water or a 50/50 water/bleach solution. To be sure your fabric stays looking like new, tackle any spills and potential stains as they occur. Quick treatment is the best way to protect your fabric investment.

If you’re worried about a particular mess, take a look at Phifer’s comprehensive cleaning guide. We’ll give tips for cleaning and the right cleaning solutions for the most common spills that befall outdoor furniture.

Phifertex Wicker Weaves: Backed by a Three-Year Warranty

The Phifertex Wicker Weave fabric line is available in a stunning selection of weaves and textures created to evoke some of nature’s most beautiful gifts. Texture is the real star of the show, from the simplicity of fine-grained weaves to more intricate designs. Gorgeous, warm, neutral shades predominate in this line of Phifer Designed Fabrics, with subtle touches of color to catch the eye. Better yet, it’s backed by a three-year warranty to give you confidence and peace of mind that your investment will be enjoyed for years to come.

Are you already planning your nature-inspired backyard getaway? Why not skip ahead and see what it could look like when you’re done? The Phifer Outdoor Fabric Visualizer lets you press fast-forward and glimpse into a more beautiful future. Take a look at your favorite wicker weave fabrics in different combinations, apply them to sample images, and play around with different textures and shades until you decide on the perfect look!

If you still have any questions about Phifer Designed Fabrics, please get in touch! You can speak with of one of our friendly, knowledgeable fabric experts by phone, email or live chat. We’ll give you answers and guidance and help you connect with local or online retailers who carry the fabrics you’re looking for so that you can get your project started ASAP!