How-To Guides for Any Outdoor Fabric Project

You deserve the outdoor space of your dreams, right down to the ideal fabric on your patio furniture. With Phifer’s exciting range of designer outdoor fabrics, anything is possible, and you can let your imagination soar. We can provide the inspiration, the gorgeous and durable fabrics, and the practical know-how you need to make your dreams a reality. Our growing library of How-To Guides has been created to help you feel confident about tackling any DIY outdoor fabric project, with comprehensive information on how to select, work with, and care for all of our designer fabrics.

Make Your Spaces Your Own

Explore a whole world of DIY outdoor fabric project ideas and learn how to customize every corner of your outdoor living space.


Phifer can teach you how to create your own throw pillows and outdoor seat cushions. Add comfort, color and contrast to your patio furniture, and give yourself options to swap out different designs with the seasons.


Rips, fading or fraying in your patio furniture’s original fabric doesn’t mean they’ve got to go. Give your sling chairs a new lease on life and a fabulous makeover with this easy guide.


When you’ve invested in the dream of boat ownership, you deserve an interior that lives up to the fantasy. Find out how to use Phifer’s marine fabrics to transform your boat’s carpeting and flooring.


Bringing the Outdoors In:
How to Use Fabric Inside

The growing indoor/outdoor trend is blurring the line between our living rooms, porches and patios -- and the effect is as practical as it is breathtaking. Phifer’s Designed Fabrics are at home wherever you use them and offer a visually striking alternative to traditional indoor upholstery fabrics. Luxurious and beautiful enough for any interior, their inherent durability also means they’ll last much longer.

How to Maintain Your Gorgeous Outdoor Fabric

From ketchup spills to muddy paws, outdoor furniture can take a beating. Luckily, our designer fabrics are up to the challenge: strong, durable and easy to clean. Find out the best techniques for cleaning your outdoor fabric and keep your creations looking their best, no matter what comes their way.


How to Sew Outdoor Fabric

Intro to Phifer's Products

  • Slingable Fabrics - Sling chair fabric needs strength and stability to stretch under tension and offer comfortable support. These fabrics are up to the challenge and come in an astounding range of covetable prints and weaves.
  • Multi-Purpose Fabrics - The versatility and rugged qualities of these fabrics gives you a passport into a world of creative possibilities, from upholstery to sports and beyond.
  • Cushion Fabrics - Let your design sensibility find inspiration in our gorgeous array of solids.
  • Wall Covering Fabrics - Tough and washable, sophisticated and beautiful. Our wall covering fabrics have it all.
  • Marine Flooring - Waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew, Phifer offers an outstanding selection of carpeting and flooring to beautify your boat.