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The Best Window Shade Fabric for Your Bedroom Windows

The right bedroom window treatments can have a positive impact on room comfort and sleep quality. To meet your needs, SheerWeave® offers a wide range of high performance fabrics for use in bedroom shades that are attractive and feature-rich.

Maintain Comfortable Temperatures: Energy Efficient Fabrics for Bedroom Window Treatments

All SheerWeave® fabrics have been engineered to reduce solar heat gain and help bedroom temperatures stay comfortable for optimal sleep. Energy efficient SheerWeave® fabrics help reduce “hot spots” created by direct sunlight beamed in through a window. SheerWeave® eliminates these problem areas by reflecting solar heat away from the window and more evenly distributing the solar heat that remains in the room.

Privacy Shades for Bedrooms

As the place where you begin and end your day, the bedroom calls for more privacy than most rooms. SheerWeave® fabrics lend themselves to use in privacy window treatments and can complement a variety of styles of bedroom decor. 

Our 4800 Series offers extraordinary privacy due to its 1% openness factor. This fabric blocks 99% of UV rays, protecting rugs, drapes and furnishings from fading as a result. It also bears the stamp of approval from the Melanoma International Foundation for excellence in reducing the risk of skin and eye cancer.


For an eco-friendly option, look to our Style 4400 made with DOW ECOLIBRIUM™ Bio-Based Plasticizers. SheerWeave® fabrics in the 4400 line are made from a renewable alternative to traditional plasticizers that lower greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 40% compared to other PVC compounds, while blocking 97% of UV rays.


Our SheerWeave® styles 2500 and 2701 fabrics also offer a high degree of privacy with a 1% openness factor, and Style 2701 comes in a dual sided twill weave that provides unique color combinations and a level of textured sophistication for bedroom window treatments.

Understanding the Effect That Color & Weave Openness Play in Bedroom Privacy Shades

​​​​The color of the fabric chosen for your bedroom window treatments plays an important role in maintaining privacy, as does the openness of its weave.


Light-colored solar control fabrics offer more privacy than darker colors. However, during evening hours when lights are on, this lighting may illuminate the interior of a room and enhance inward visibility, regardless of color.

Each SheerWeave® product’s weave openness also contributes to the privacy factor of your bedroom window coverings. Each SheerWeave® product has its own unique openness factor, ranging from 1% openness (for an extremely tight weave) to a 25% openness (a looser weave that allows more light to pass through). The tighter the weave of a given SheerWeave® fabric, the more privacy it will yield.

Opting for a dual-roller system allows the option of a blackout / room darkening shade at night to reap the benefits of better privacy while maintaining natural light during the day.

Room Darkening Blackout Window Shades for Bedroom Window Treatments

Blackout bedroom shades can improve sleep by blocking light pollution. For shift workers who work evening hours, room darkening shades can encourage a more restful sleep when others are awake. 

SheerWeave® offers a comprehensive range of opaque blackout fabrics for bedroom window coverings, designed to provide total light blockage. These exceptional fabrics block 100% of UV rays and are all approved by the Melanoma International Foundation for significant reduction in the risk of skin and eye cancer that can be caused by UV exposure.

Discover the full line of SheerWeave® room darkening fabrics for use on their own or as part of a dual-roller shading system.

​​​​Let Us Help You Find the Bedroom Window Treatments of Your Dreams

If you need help choosing the right fabric for bedroom window treatments, please contact us.  Phifer representatives are available to speak with you on the phone or online to help you select SheerWeave fabrics suitable for use in custom bedroom window treatments.