Phifertex® PVC/Olefin Blends

  • Rochester Suede

  • Rochester Walnut

  • Crepe Latte

  • Jewel Flint

  • Jewel Pecan

  • Jewel Stone

  • Natural Brush Forest-Abbey

  • Natural Brush Forest-Pebble

  • Raffia-Natural

  • Ventura Alloy

  • Ventura Granite

  • Ventura Pewter

  • Weston Charcoal

Sling fabric that blends the best of both worlds, the strength of PVC and the softness of olefin.

Phifertex® PVC/Olefin Blends

Whether you have sling or cushion furniture, Phifertex® PVC/Olefin Blends fabrics provide the best of both worlds. Feel confident that your fabric will withstand wind, rain and other elements all while feeling soft to the touch. The softness of olefin combined with the strength of vinyl-coated polyester is the secret behind this durable, yet comfortable outdoor fabric. Rest easy knowing your furniture will be safe from stains, sun and tears while you enjoy one of our unique designs or colors. Click on one of the fabric swatches to view available designs, colors, patterns, technical data and more.

Phifertex® PVC/Olefin Blends Fabric Might Be Right For You If …

  • You have sling or cushion furniture that needs to feel soft to the touch but also withstand weather and time
  • You are looking for a new design or color to switch up the design of your outdoor space
  • You are looking for a fabric engineered to fight off mold, mildew and odors
  • You want to find a fabric made solely in America
  • You care about finding a fabric that does not emit harmful emissions and is GREENGUARD Certified
Phifertex PVC/Olefin BlendsCrepe Latte, Jewel Flint, Jewel Pecan, Jewel Stone, Natural Brush Forest-Abbey, Natural Brush Forest-Pebble, Raffia-Natural, Rochester Suede, Rochester Walnut, Ventura Alloy, Ventura Granite, Ventura Pewter, Weston Charcoal
Cleaning InstructionsEasily cleaned with soap and water or 50/50 bleach to water solution
Standard Widths54" (137.2 cm)
Standard Roll LengthApproximately 60 Lineal Yards (54.86 m)
CompositionWoven Vinyl-Coated Polyester and Olefin Blend
Construction (Mesh)42x16, 42x18, 42x22, 42x24

Which Fabric Is Right For You?

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