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Phifertex® Wicker Weaves

Phifertex® Wicker Weaves

While wicker is a great accent to any outdoor space, true wicker material is not known for its durability. However, if you are looking for the natural wood, rattan or wicker look without the pain of actual wicker furniture, Phifertex® Wicker Weave outdoor fabric is the ideal solution. Made of woven vinyl-coated polyester, this slingable fabric is durable and fade and stain resistant. Replace your dull, sagging or torn sling furniture fabric with one of our wicker weaves to take your outdoor design to the next level.

Phifertex® Wicker Weave Fabric Might Be Right For You If …

  • You love the wicker look, but durability is a priority for your sling furniture
  • You would like to try a new design on your sling chair fabric to change the theme of your outdoor space
  • You care that the fabric you use does not emit harmful emissions and is GREENGUARD Certified
  • You hope to find a fabric designed to fight off mold, mildew and odors
  • You want to use fabrics solely made in America
Wicker Weaves Colors

Bellingrath, Bevel Wicker Grey, Braque Graphite, Braque Rain, Cane Oyster, Cane Weave Pacific, Cane Weave Paprika, Cane Wicker Aluminum, Cane Wicker Balsa, Cane Wicker Desert, Caribbean Cane, Charm Blue Haven, Charm Driftwood, Charm Khaki, Charm Platinum, Charm Stucco, Clarity Blue, Clarity Pearl, Cortez Thyme, Double Dipper, Echo Valley-Sadat, Free Spirit Denim, Jazzy Glow, Jazzy Raven, Jazzy Twilight, Kamali Limestone, Lanier Wicker Stone, Lanigan, Luna Silver Sage, Luna Straw, Montego, Napa Brindle, Natural, Plata, Pria Tweed Indigo, Pria Tweed Sterling, Pritchard Ember, Reflection Seaglass, Roma Dove, Roma Onyx, Rumi Latte Pearl, Shelburne Taupe, Shelby Cadet Blue, Sisal Aloe, Sisal Aluminum, Sisal Tungsten, Sisal Winter Blue, Terrace Malachite, Terrace Poolside, Terrace Sapphire Glow, Terrace Sienna, Tiki Butter, Tiki Glow, Turquesa, Verde, Waffle Wicker-Coral Topaz, Watercolor Tweed Glow, Watercolor Tweed Mocha, Watercolor Tweed Moth, Watercolor Tweed Oyster, Watercolor Tweed Pearly, Wicker Cordoba Ninja, Wicker Cordoba-Copper, Wicker Veranda-Basil, Wicker Veranda-Nutmeg

Construction (Mesh) 22x18, 22x20, 22x22, 25x20, 25x22, 25x25, 30x30
Contents 100% Woven Vinyl-Coated Polyester
Cleaning Instructions Easily cleaned with soap and water or 50/50 bleach to water solution
Width 54" (137.2cm)
Standard Roll Length approx. 60 lineal yards (54.86m)


Jazzy Twilight
Free Spirit Denim
Caribbean Cane
Jazzy Raven
Bevel Wicker Grey
Lanier Wicker Stone
Jazzy Glow
Watercolor Tweed Moth
Watercolor Tweed Oyster
Watercolor Tweed Pearly
Wicker Cordoba Ninja
Wicker Cordoba-Copper
Wicker Veranda-Basil
Wicker Veranda-Nutmeg
Braque Graphite
Braque Rain
Cane Oyster
Cane Weave Pacific
Cane Weave Paprika
Cane Wicker Aluminum
Cane Wicker Balsa
Cane Wicker Desert
Charm Blue Haven
Charm Driftwood
Charm Khaki
Charm Platinum
Charm Stucco
Clarity Blue
Clarity Pearl
Cortez Thyme
Double Dipper
Echo Valley-Sadat
Shelby Cadet Blue
Kamali Limestone
Luna Silver Sage
Luna Straw
Napa Brindle
Pria Tweed Indigo
Pria Tweed Sterling
Pritchard Ember
Reflection Seaglass
Roma Dove
Roma Onyx
Rumi Latte Pearl
Shelburne Taupe
Sisal Aloe
Sisal Aluminum
Sisal Tungsten
Sisal Winter Blue
Terrace Malachite
Terrace Poolside
Terrace Sapphire Glow
Terrace Sienna
Tiki Butter
Tiki Glow
Waffle Wicker-Coral Topaz
Watercolor Tweed Glow
Watercolor Tweed Mocha