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Standard Aluminum Insect Screen

  • Black

  • Brite

  • Charcoal

Looking for a reliable insect screen that sets the standard for quality? Our standard aluminum insect screen provides insect protection along with increased visibility and ventilation.

Standard Aluminum Mesh Screen

Say Goodbye To Annoying Insects

For screening that covers all the bases, there’s no better choice than Phifer’s Standard Aluminum Mesh Screens. Both attractive, strong, and functional, our aluminum screening can be used for windows, doors, and screened in porches. Choose from a number of different color options to keep the aesthetics of your home looking just as you want them to, meaning you won’t need to sacrifice looks for durability. Our aluminum mesh insect screening is strong enough to compete with severe weather, most bugs trying to get in, and pets trying to get out.

Standard Aluminum Insect Screening Might Be Right For You If…

  • You want to keep insects out of your home or porch. Our screens keep the bugs out and the air flowing.
  • You’re sick of screening that sags. Even years after installation, our screening will be as tight as the day you installed it.
  • You want screening that’s easy to clean. It’s as simple as soap and water.
  • You care about products that are made in the USA.

Still unsure? Check our out features page to learn more about the benefits of Phifer screening.

Screening ColorsBlack, Brite, Charcoal
Standard Widths16" to 72" (40.6 cm to 182.9 cm) | Inquire about special widths for each color and packaging by contacting us.
Standard Roll Length84" to 300' (213.4 cm to 91.4 m)

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