Stainless Steel Fine Wire Mesh Insect Screen Material

Known for its durability, stainless steel screening won’t stretch out over time. While keeping insects out is a priority, it’s comforting to know your stainless steel screen won’t sag, maintaining an attractive and well-kept appearance to your property. Additionally, Phifer’s stainless steel mesh screening has great abrasion resistance, making it a solid choice for high-traffic areas where your screen may come in contact with other hard surfaces. Strong, durable, and attractive, stainless steel wire mesh screening keeps most insects out while maintaining superior air flow.

What Is Stainless Steel Mesh?

When you don’t want to sacrifice strength for crystal clear outward visibility, stainless steel is an ideal material to consider for screening projects. The fine wire diameter of stainless steel screen is woven together to create a durable yet flexible mesh sheet, resulting in a screen that is strong and helps add to a clearer, more unobstructed outward view so you can enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. Even better, its structure enhances cool breezes flowing into your home while keeping most bugs away.

Phifer's Stainless Steel Screening

Stable and long-lasting, Phifer uses stainless steel in our SeeVue® screen, which is great for both durability and visibility. Choosing black or darker-colored SeeVue stainless steel screening helps to enhance the ultra-clear outward visibility of these screens by reducing glare from the sun and giving you a much clearer view of the world around you. (Think of our SeeVue screening as sunglasses for your home: You can see out, while others can’t see in!)

Benefits of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen


Stainless steel won’t rust or corrode, even in coastal climates or when subjected to torrential downpours or damp conditions.


Offers great outward visibility due to fine steel wire construction that keeps most insects out while giving you a picture-perfect view of your outdoor surroundings.

Stainless steel screen

Stainless steel can safely be used with pressure-treated lumber.


Sturdy and long-lasting, stainless steel screening won’t sag or lose its shape over time.


A breath of fresh air, stainless steel insect screening offers excellent airflow, allowing cool breezes to pass through into your home.


Proudly made in the USA, Phifer products lead the way in the field of innovative insect screening. For more than 60 years, we’ve built a reputation for excellence in weaving and manufacturing insect screening to make sure you get years of quality usage from our products.

Choosing Phifer Screening

To find out which of our screening products is right for you, take our insect screening quiz. To get a better understanding of the benefits of Phifer screening, contact us via phone or online.We’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions about our insect screening so you can buy with confidence. We can also direct you to where to find Phifer products online or at brick and-mortar stores in your area.