Introducing Phifer’s New Water Shed Technology™

When you invest in premium insect screening, not only do you demand protection, you want a clearer outward view of your surroundings -- rain or shine. With this in mind, Phifer’s Water Shed Technology™ (Patent Pending) is built into some of our most popular screening products, allowing them to repel water, dirt, and debris to grant clearer views no matter the weather.

A Water Shed Moment in Insect Screening Innovation

With more than 60 years as a leader in insect screening, Phifer continues to innovate. Our latest innovation, Phifer’s Water Shed Technology™ allows you to see the view, not the screen.

Water from a rain shower can collect in the small squares on a screen, obstructing views for up to 30 minutes after it’s stopped raining. Phifer Water Shed Technology™ is a hydrophobic coating that prevents rain from collecting in the holes, giving clearer views both during and after a rain shower. Even if it rains all day, Water Shed Technology™ gives you a clear outward view.

 This revolutionary application not only prevents water from collecting on your screen, but it also repels dirt and debris, helping your screen stay cleaner longer and increasing its life expectancy.

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Water Shed Technology™ is now a standard feature in our UltraVue® and BetterVue® screening:

  • UltraVue2® screening offers the best outward views possible thanks to its nearly-invisible mesh that provides superior insect protection, improved durability, and ease of fabrication. Water Shed Technology enhances these views during and after a rain shower, reducing the amount of water that collects in the mesh squares of your screen.
  • BetterVue® screening provides better outward visibility than traditional insect screening. In addition to enjoying improved views and airflow, BetterVue also protects you from most insects. Built-in Water Shed Technology allows BetterVue to offer brilliant outward views while resisting water, dirt, and grime.

See for yourself how Water Shed Technology™ performs:

Benefits of Phifer Water Shed Technology™

Phifer Water Shed Technology™ uses the same advanced water repellent coating found in upholstery, cookware, cell phones, clothing, and marine food packaging. This technology makes it more difficult for water and other substances to stick to screening products. Thanks to this technology, rain water beads up and rolls off the screen for a clearer view.

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Water Shed Technology™ offers a host of other benefits, including: 

  • Clearer overall views
  • Hydrophobic coating that won’t wash away
  • Stays cleaner longer, increasing the life expectancy of the screening
  • Repels water and debris during a rainstorm or with a quick spray of a hose

See More Clearly. Rain or Shine.

Want clearer views, even after a torrential downpour? Look to Phifer screening products infused with our new Water Shed Technology™. If you have questions about options, performance, or where to find our products, please contact us! A friendly Phifer representative will be able to help you locate an online or local retailer in your area that carries products made with our Water Shed Technology.™ Let us help serve you a clearer view.