Phifer sun control fabrics not only offer excellent reduction in solar heat and glare but also provide daytime privacy when needed. Our SheerWeave® interior window treatment fabrics are available in a variety of colors and textures to suit both commercial and residential environments, while Phifer exterior shading products are made for outdoor use.

The Benefits of Phifer Fabrics Beyond Sun Control for Residential and Commercial Environments

  • Residential Shading - Available in a range of colors and textures, SheerWeave fabrics complement a variety of interior decor styles. If uniformity is required by a HOA, window treatments made with SheerWeave® can offer daytime privacy and conform to required color specifications. SheerWeave® fabrics are also an excellent choice for use in dual roller shading systems where the benefits of outward visibility and sun control are needed during the daytime combined with total light blockage. Phifer exterior sun control screening products, such as our SunTex® 95, offer increased daytime privacy alongside the ability to block 95% of UV rays, helping to sustain comfortable temperatures in the home.
  • Commercial Shading - Used in a commercial setting, SheerWeave fabrics encourage greater confidentiality and comfort for staff and visitors alike during the daytime. In an office environment, privacy shading can be used in conference rooms to enhance focus on presentations, reduce glare and maintain comfortable temperatures.

Phifer sun control fabrics offer added benefits, including:

  • Energy Efficient Heat Control - Solar shades made from SheerWeave and Phifer exterior sun control screening products can help lower energy costs due to their ability to absorb and dissipate heat, effectively blocking harmful UV rays and helping maintain comfortable temperatures in a home, office, or hospital environment.
  • GREENGUARD® Gold Certified - SheerWeave is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, adhering to the highest standards for indoor air quality by lowering VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are caused by the off-gassing of materials.
  • Inhibits Growth of Mold and Bacteria - Select SheerWeave fabrics and Phifer exterior sun control fabrics are infused with Microban®, an antimicrobial agent that hinders the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria and eliminates the unpleasant odors associated with them.

Why Color Factors In Choosing Screening for Daytime Privacy

SheerWeave products and Phifer exterior privacy screening allow for better outward visibility than traditional window treatments. Outward visibility is determined by the openness factor, fabric color and contrast in light from the interior to the exterior.

Darker colors in Phifer’s shading fabric ranges are easier to see through, providing improved outward daytime views, but may afford less privacy during evening hours. Lighter colored materials offer more privacy both during the day and evening hours, although interior lighting can reverse the view through at night, allowing those on the outside to see in. If nighttime privacy is a concern, SheerWeave® blackout fabrics are an excellent choice for a 100% opaque solution that can be combined with a dual roller system for the best of both worlds.

Get to Know Phifer SheerWeave & Phifer Exterior Sun Control Fabrics

SheerWeave offers sophisticated screening options for a wide range of applications. Most SheerWeave fabrics, like our SheerWeave® Style 4800 1% open and Infinity2, bear the Melanoma International Foundation seal of approval as outstanding products for the significant reduction of skin and eye cancers. These fabrics also come in a range of appealing colors -- from soft neutrals to rich, dark tones.

Our 4800 Series offers a dense weave that allows natural light in while improving daytime privacy alongside an impressive ability to block 99% of UV rays.

SheerWeave® Infinity2 helps conserve energy and harnesses natural light to maintain interior comfort levels in 1%, 3% and 5% openness factors. This remarkable fabric is PVC-free and 100% recyclable, marking it as an eco-friendly option, as well.

Phifer also manufactures screening for use in outdoor applications, such as pool and patio screening for residential or commercial usage. These products are constructed to the highest standards to offer better daytime privacy as well as added benefits such as insect and solar protection.

One of our most popular exterior-only options is our SunTex® 95, which offers excellent daytime privacy and blocks 95% of UV rays. This material is ideal for creating outdoor blinds, patio shades and canopies, and even motorized shades.

Choose Phifer

Both SheerWeave and Phifer’s line of exterior privacy shading are suitable for a range of environments and provide a wealth of added benefits. Contact us via phone or online and a Phifer representative will be able to help find the right product or combination of products to suit your interior and exterior shading needs.