Find the Material You Need for All of Your Kitchen Window Treatments

Phifer offers a range of high performance materials for kitchen window treatments designed for use in roller shades, blinds and more. Available in a range of colors, textures and patterns to suit any decor, the SheerWeave® collection of window shading fabrics are also equipped with features that work well in a kitchen environment.

The Benefits of SheerWeave® Fabrics For Kitchen Window Treatments

On any given day, the kitchen is a room that experiences a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Materials used in kitchen window treatments need to respond to rigorous demands. SheerWeave fabrics are made with these demands in mind, including:


Antimicrobial / Odor Control

Even when operating an extractor fan, the average kitchen is subjected to high amounts of heat, fluctuating temperatures, steam and moisture. Many SheerWeave® fabrics have been infused with Microban®, an antimicrobial agent that hinders the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew and the odors that accompany them that can occur as a result of such conditions.


Easy to Clean

SheerWeave fabrics are easy to clean, requiring only soap and water to remove everything from everyday build-up to splattered spaghetti sauce. Little maintenance is required to keep SheerWeave kitchen window treatments attractive, even in the most heavily-trafficked space.


Reduce Solar Gain

In a room that already experiences higher temperatures, reducing unwanted solar gain can help maintain more comfortable temperatures and manage energy costs. All Phifer SheerWeave® products are engineered to be energy efficient, making them a smart choice to create practical yet attractive custom kitchen window shades.


Reduce Glare

SheerWeave fabrics offer options that reduce glare, yet still allow natural light and the ability to enjoy an appealing outward view. Ideal for use in areas where the sun sits lower on the horizon, or in areas that receive a lot of sun, SheerWeave fabrics can help manage glare while cooking or dining inside a kitchen.

GREENGUARD_Gold_cs4_Green copy

GREENGUARD® Gold Certified

Protecting indoor air quality in the home is important. SheerWeave fabrics are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, adhering to the most stringent standards for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted as a result of off-gassing of materials, making them an outstanding choice for improved indoor air quality. 

Using SheerWeave Fabrics in Kitchen Windows 

Versatile and highly functional, the SheerWeave® family of fabrics can be used in a number of kitchen window applications. From panel tracks to vertical blinds, Roman shades to folding, pleated, or roll-up shades, SheerWeave® fabrics offer a polished, sophisticated look for your kitchen.


Over-the-Sink Kitchen Window Treatments

For practical kitchen sink window treatments that allow a generous amount of natural light to filter through, SheerWeave styles 3000 and 1000 allow for better outward views while softening the sun’s rays for comfort at any time of day.

Large Kitchen Windows and Patio Doors

Picture windows, glass walls and patio doors are attractive features in any kitchen. To reap the benefits of large windows that give you a view from your kitchen without sacrificing daytime privacy, look to our Basic 3%, Style 2500 and 4901 / 4903 fabrics. Regardless of preference, each of these fabrics have been treated with Microban® protection, making them outstanding antimicrobial options.

Our Style 4800 also offers excellent privacy benefits, blocking 99% of UV rays. It has also been given the seal of approval by the Melanoma International Foundation for significant reduction in the risk of skin and eye cancers.


Choosing the Right SheerWeave® Fabric for Kitchen Window Treatments 

If you’d like extra guidance or advice on choosing the right SheerWeave product for your kitchen window treatment needs, please contact us. A Phifer representative can speak with you online or over the phone to help narrow your choices.