Find the Best Material for Your Nursery Window Shades

A nursery should be cozy, with comfortable light and temperature levels to encourage an infant to sleep more easily. To help create an ideal environment for your baby’s room, SheerWeave® offers a versatile range of sun control fabrics that can be used to make the perfect nursery window shades. Available in a range of colors and textures to create a comforting and comfortable environment, SheerWeave fabrics used for nursery window treatments will complement any décor.

How SheerWeave Nursery Window Coverings Can Help Keep Your Baby Comfortable

According to Jennifer Metter, a Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant with JenniJune LLC, a cooler room is better for a sleeping baby. Infants have a hard time regulating their core body temperature in an overheated room, leading to disturbed sleep and frequent waking. Cooler temperatures also help babies fall asleep faster by naturally elevating their levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

SheerWeave fabrics are an excellent and energy efficient choice for nursery window shades for a more comfortable sleeping and playing environment for baby. Nursery window shades made from SheerWeave sun control fabrics are designed to reduce solar gain and eliminate hot spots, keeping the room cooler and more comfortable. All SheerWeave fabrics are designed to be energy efficient, which translates to lower utility bills and a lighter workload on home air conditioning units.

Blackout Shades for Baby Room Window Treatments

Beyond comfortable temperatures, SheerWeave offers a range of blackout fabrics for room darkening to create a comfortable space for a sleeping infant. SheerWeave blackout fabrics are engineered specifically to block 100% of UV rays and have earned the Melanoma International Foundation’s seal of approval.


This blackout fabric is easy to wash and easy to maintain, making it a beautiful choice for shades for your baby’s room. The 7100 series has been designed to coordinate with several other SheerWeave fabrics to make creating multipurpose shades simple.


With a gorgeous range of designer colors available, 7200R complements every nursery theme. It’s an outstanding choice for roller shades and Roman shades that perfectly match your unique style.


The soothing neutrals of our 7500R fabrics are a perfect match for every nursery theme. These attractive blackout fabrics are functional while enhancing your décor.

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SheerWeave for Eco-Friendly Nursery Window Shades

SheerWeave also offers a number of fabric options that are kinder to the environment. All SheerWeave fabrics are GREENGUARD® Gold Certified and adhere to the highest standards for indoor air quality in product emissions.

Choosing the Right SheerWeave Options for Your Nursery Window Treatments

If you have any questions about choosing fabric for your nursery window shades, please contact us. Phifer representatives can assist you with finding SheerWeave fabrics to create nursery window treatments. Representatives are available by phone or online for your convenience to help you narrow your choices.