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Phifer offers a variety of Do-It-Yourself repair kits. Whether you are repairing a window, door or patio screen, our hardware kits make any repair easy.

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Phifer offers the best quality insect screening for windows, doors and outside structures. Learn about the features of each type of screen we provide to determine the product you need.

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Phifer's insect screening for windows and doors is made in the USA from various materials such as fiberglass, polyester, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel.

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There are few simple pleasures in life that are as satisfying as cracking open a window and enjoying a calming breeze with your morning cup of coffee or retreating out the sliding door to your backyard to enjoy a little slice of nature. While a beam of sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass wafting through the house can be wonderful, there are some things that should stay outside when you open the door to bask in a cool breeze. Namely: bugs.

Fortunately, Phifer manufactures a wide variety of premium screening products suitable for use in doors and windows of all types. Need screening for a multi-panel bay window or an impressive floor-to-ceiling window? How about screening for your outer front door or sliding door to keep most bugs and other critters out of your home? Phifer door and window screening offers protection from most insects as well as a host of features that work with your style -- and lifestyle!

What Type of Window or Door Screen Do You Need?

Do you live in a hot or cool climate? Do you live in an ultra-modern condo or a charming colonial in a historical district? Do you have a house full of rowdy kids or playful pets? Is a crystal-clear view of your backyard or surroundings at the top of your wish list?

Where you live and your household’s daily activities play a role in the type of window or door screen you’ll need to keep your home free from most insects. Different types of screening products offer different benefits. We’ll walk you through some of those benefits here and offer suggestions for screening products that may best meet your needs.

Need to Maintain Historic Charm?

Every home has a history, but some homes have historical significance. Bronze window and door screening is ideal for homes in areas that require homeowners to maintain an authentic look and feel to the time they were originally built.

Classic bronze screening is a great way to reap the benefits of protection from insects while adhering to any specific regulations to use only materials available from a given period of time. Bronze screening works well for a number of door and window applications, and stands up to cold weather and salty air -- such as homes in historic New England. Over time, bronze insect screen weathers to a rich, dark finish.

Screening for a More Beautiful View

When a picturesque view matters to you, look to insect screening that also offers a view to thrill. If your home overlooks a grand skyline or peers out on a backyard that feels like your own private nature reserve, you’ll want to reap the benefits of a postcard-pretty view from your windows year round.

Our stainless steel SeeVue® screen is durable, won’t sag over time, and reduces solar glare to give you a better view. It’s safe for use with pressure-treated lumber and won’t rust or corrode -- making it ideal for homes in damp coastal regions that see a lot of rain or snow.

If you live in a warmer climate and a crystal-clear view matters most to you, look to Phifer’s BetterVue® and UltraVue2® screening products for your doors and windows. Made from durable PVC-coated yarns, both can keep your home cooler while offering better natural lighting and light transmittance when paired with Low-E glass windows.

Looking for Added Privacy or Protection from Solar Rays?

If you live in a hot, humid area and have a home with westward facing windows, the right screening can help save you money on energy costs, as well as block up to 90% of the sun’s heat and rays. Phifer offers screening that is specially engineered to give homeowners more privacy during daylight hours, as well as protect furniture and indoor furnishings from fading due to exposure to UV rays. Check out our line of PVC-coated fiberglass sun protection screening for doors and windows, including:


Super Solar Screening +

Solar Insect Screening

Live in a hot, damp climate? We also offer vinyl-coated polyester screening options that deliver privacy, solar protection, and are both water-resistant and temperature-resistant, including:

SunTex® 95

SunTex® 80/90

Protection from Most of the Smallest Insects

Don’t let some of the tiniest of pests creep into your home! If you live in the hot, humid Southeastern or Southwestern regions of the country, you’re probably plagued year-round by sandflies, blackflies, gnats, and no-see-ums. That’s why Phifer makes tightly-woven screening that protects your home from most small insects, without sacrificing airflow and durability, such as our NO-SEE-UMS 20x20 mesh screening.

Need a screen that offers more than strong protection from most bugs but includes a 10-year limited warranty? Look to our super-sturdy TuffScreen® No-See-Ums window screening.

Want a low-maintenance approach to protection from most tiny insects? Our Aluminum Screen for Tiny Insects blocks most small bugs while maintaining great visibility and airflow. It doesn’t sag over time, giving a neat, tidy appearance for the lifetime of the product and is easy to clean with just a little soap and water.

Ultra Tough Screening That Plays Well with Kids and Pets

Whether you have kids with two legs or four, both can be a handful! Keep your home free from most insects with our rugged PetScreen® and TuffScreen® products.

Have a gaggle of kids hanging out at your house and playfully roughhousing on the regular? Are you familiar with the sounds of kids jostling a window screen to see if their pals are waiting for them outside -- then running outside and accidentally slamming the screen door shut? TuffScreen is an ideal choice to withstand a little extra traffic.

Similarly, if you have a pet (or three) who is excited to see you at the end of a long day, you know how much a happy pet can claw at screening on a door. Phifer PetScreen for doors and windows is a great way to keep most animals at bay while standing up to years of play.


How to Repair a Door Screen

If you have a hole in your screen, Phifer has a library of DIY repair and replacement information to help you patch your door screen so it looks like new! Check out our tutorial on how to repair a screen using a kit to patch a small tear.

Have a bigger installation you want to accomplish? Our in-depth guide will show you how to remove and replace screening on your door.

The DIY possibilities are endless!


Let Us Help You Find The Right Phifer Screening Products!

Finding the right screening for your windows and doors doesn’t have to be difficult. While it’s never a bad idea to roll up your sleeves and research which screening is best for your needs, it’s always reassuring to know you’re making the right decision by chatting with an expert. With over 60 years in the insect screen manufacturing business, our team is more than happy to share our knowledge with the people who buy our products.

Get in touch with us, and a Phifer representative will be happy to speak with you online or on the phone. We can answer your questions and help you find a screen that will give you many years of insect protection and quality use.

Want to do a little more digging on your own before talking with us? Take our insect screening quiz to narrow your options and find the best window screening for your home, lifestyle, and needs.

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