The Fabric Trends That

Will Thrive in 2024

Always Comfortable, Always Durable,
Always On-Trend

Phifer Incorporated is pleased to present the 2023-2024 trend offering, a captivating collection of color and pattern that awakens our senses and connects us to the rich history of our past.

New for this season are six outdoor fabric collections that feature the newest trends in color and pattern intertwined with the industry’s top selling colors and styles.

Emerging color influences are inspired by the peaceful harmony of the natural world, creating a sanctuary where we can relax, gain clarity and live authentically. Key colors range from sun bleached pastels and effortless neutrals to enchanting deep blue and comforting botanical green. For those seeking adventurous color, enlivened hues of tart yellow green, glowing orange and bold blue, push the color boundary and morph effortlessly between the physical and digital realm. Richly saturated and earthy tones of warm red, sharp gold and reassuring brown, signal the consumer’s desire to welcome the past with vintage color pairings that promote stability and quiet luxury.

Striking the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional styling trends, Phifer’s 2023-2024 outdoor collection offers endless fabric options to create a unique environment that is truly an extension of our personal color preferences and lifestyles.

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Woven from durable, vinyl-coated polyester yarns, Phifertex® fabrics are UV and fade resistant to ensure long-lasting, vibrant color. Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection provides an added level of defense against damaging bacteria, mold and mildew. Made from reclaimed fibers, GeoBella® fabrics boast the plush texture and comfort of indoor furniture along with the stability, strength and durability needed for outdoor cushion applications.

Good for the Soul

With a color palette of soft, bleached hues that radiate silky, dreamy appeal, Phifer’s Good for the Soul collection turns any outdoor space into a sanctuary of relaxation and clarity. Effortless neutrals exude optimism and balance uneasiness, while near pastel hues encapsulate the warmth of comfort and community. This calming palette, influenced by the clean lines and light spaces of Scandinavian design, brings true harmony and peace to any outdoor space.

Call it a Crush

Phifer’s Call it a Crush collection offers an array of hues reminiscent in their warmth to sun-kissed earth and scorched deserts. Inspired by current culture, lifestyle, and fashion, the collection of appealing colors spans all generations, ensuring it never falls out of style. Updated and refreshing tinted neutrals exist in perfect harmony with optimistic and confident mid-tone hues to strike a balance of pretty and eye-catching drama to elevate any outdoor space.

Below Deck

Inspired by modern coastal living, Phifer’s Below Deck collection updates a timeless color palette by incorporating fresh and vibrant hues. This collection is rich with authentic color, drawing influences from the enchanting ocean and its brilliant sea life. Elevated styling and monochromatic hues artfully unite to evoke an ambiance of soothing relaxation. The collection’s patterns and hues create the ideal clean and contemporary nod to the essence of the coast.

Royal Treatment

Phifer’s Royal Treatment collection pairs classic motifs with modern lux flair, creating fabrics that are nostalgically comforting. This vintage collection reflects its inspiration from the grandiose architecture and formal tastes of the aristocracy in its enduring international style. The color palette of richly saturated jewel tones lends itself to a sense of traditional warmth and luxury transcendent of passing trends and fads.

Island Hop

An escapist’s dream comes to life in Phifer’s Island Hop collection, inspired by exotic travel and tropical allure. This dynamic color palette of bold and vibrant hues uplifts and energizes while contrasting deep neutrals add a soft urban element, imparting a calm and grounding effect. Bring the island life to your outdoor space with a relaxed range of fabrics that inspires a sense of adventure, creativity, and wanderlust.

Quiet Corners

Balance. Peace. Harmony. Three words that express the essence of Phifer’s Quiet Corners collection. Inspired by the beauty of traditional courtyards and botanicals, this color palette exudes the peaceful harmony of the natural world. Earthy warm and cool tones dovetail deep dramatic neutrals, resulting in a balanced, tranquil collection that creates a restful and effortless ambiance.